Insider’s Guide to 2015 Trends: Wellness Traditions from the Islamic World

As a beauty and wellness enthusiast, I love reading about the healing traditions of various cultures worldwide—which is why the “Wellness Traditions from the Islamic World” trend, among the top 10 of Spafinder Wellness 365®’s 2015 Global Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast, caught my eye. The trend is driven by people desiring everything authentic and indigenous, yet, as our report states, “Given this massive authentic-experiential trend, it’s puzzling that the world has been unable to ‘see’ just how much the wellness traditions of the wide Islamic world offer—with 1,000-plus years of sophisticated, nature-based traditional medical systems and countless beauty solutions and body treatments.”

Image: Segera Retreat

Here’s just a quick recap of wellness traditions central to Islamic worlds (for more examples, click here)—our trends report predicts more around the globe will experience these in 2015 and beyond.

Seeking the next superfood? You may discover the following items cropping up on menus the next time you’re dining out—while “food-as-medicine traditions from Africa, the Middle East, and Malaysia have been underexplored” (from various spices to ancient grains to fruits), they’re experiencing a rebirth on several 2015 food trend forecasts.

What’s in your beauty arsenal? Argan oil may be, but probably not these other ingredients (yet!)—which hydrate, moisturize, and more.

Spa/Wellness Treatments
The Turkish hammam and Rasul/mud rituals are highly profiled in the spa world, but wellness enthusiasts around the globe are taking note of other healthful treatments. Remember this idea for your next travel plans:

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