4 Easy ways to Boost energy for the holiday!

During the holiday, an energy boost is a necessity. Holiday parties, family functions, school assemblies and never mind the rush to the stores. While a lot is going on, this is the season where most people struggle with their routines. Everything suffers such as diet and exercise, time management and often a symptom is energy depletion.

So, what are some ways you can rev up on energy to make sure you can not only attend the parties, but enjoy them.

Move around. Activity will give you more energy not less. Take a brisk 10-15 minute walk every hour if you can. If not, try 5 minutes at least. Find a friend to walk with or perhaps just take vital me time, but be sure to move.

Magnesium is a source of energy, nutrient replenishment and quick treat for insomnia. Supplements exist for a reason and primarily it’s because the nutrients we need may not be readily available in the foods we consume. During the holiday when everyone’s diet is askew, it’s a good idea for us to ensure we properly compensate for deficiencies.

Meditate in the morning. During this time, it’s important to stay mindful and be present. Meditation is critical to center yourself and stay focused. Often meditation can be a struggle because it requires stillness of the mind. Begin a meditation practice by selecting a specific area in the morning where you can have just 5 minutes of quiet time. Once this meditative space is selected, simply focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths in through your mouth and slowly release. Notice the tempo of your breathing and state 5 items you are thankful for. Focus on those and repeat it throughout the time you meditate. After all, grateful people are the happiest people.

Stay hydrated. Water is critical during this time. Often, holiday libations at night paired with coffee fuel during the day lead towards dehydration. Make sure to have a cup of water for every cup of joe or vino cheer during this season.

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