Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday

Before you get carried away this Thanksgiving and need to immediately go on a diet because you sat around with the fam and stuffed yourself, here are fun, quick health & wellness tips from SpaFinder. We want to help you have a delicious holiday while staying healthy.

1. Don’t  spend the weekend in sweatpants! Wearing something dressy or something other than your sweats, will put you in a different frame of mind.  You won’t feel as sluggish and most likely won’t want to overeat because you will want to look and feel good in your put-together outfit.

2. Don’t just watch football, play some football! Once you have eaten and after your body has digested that big meal, go outside and do something! Playing with the little ones outside or taking a walk after a big meal, will help you not feel as full and listless.  So get outside and have some fun – and the perfect way to do that is with friends and family.

3. Think “Eat This Not That” – it’s all about the right choices! You probably already know what the better choices are, every time.  For example, choose cranberry sauce over gravy; choose white meat over dark meat, as it’s less fatty.  Take bigger portions of healthy things, i.e. vegetables, and fewer portions of the creamy casseroles.

4. Eat Often. That’s right; you should eat many times a day… it will help you not to load up on seconds.  Eat small snacks or meals throughout the day before the big meal, and you’ll fill up faster, therefore eating less.  Don’t arrive at Thanksgiving dinner famished because you starved yourself all day.   You’ll end up gorging yourself and needing to unbutton the top of your pants.  Remember, you’ll probably be eating leftovers all weekend long!

5. Strategize. How annoying, right?  To have to work and make a plan on your days off? On Thanksgiving morning, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast and you may want to take a small walk or go for a light jog before the big meal.  Keeping with the theory of smaller meals more often and spaced out, this will help in getting full faster and not feeling as gorged later. After the meal, go outside and do a fun, family activity so again, not to feel as sluggish.  Consider having dessert a few hours after the meal is complete.