Bridal Prep

Bridal Prep for the Big Day

  • Microneedling

    Refresh Skin
    Make your skin glow for your special day. Micro-needling revitalizes collagen by opening pores and refilling them with hyalauronic acid known for its anti-aging components. Recommended at least two months prior to the Big Day to give your skin time to refresh.
  • Hair Extensions

    Long Locks on Your Day
    An envious mane is a bride’s dream. Visit a hair salon to pick out the hair extensions that will best match your hair color on your wedding day. Speak with a knowledgeable hair dresser.
  • Eyelash Extensions

    Lashes for Days
    Lash extensions do make your eyes pop for those wedding day pictures. Do visit a location first and test out the lashes at least 3 months before the big event.x
  • Massage

    Knead Me Now
    Don’t wear stress on your face for the wedding and don’t let the bridal group wear it either. Take the time to schedule a Swedish and or a Couples massage to make sure everyone is relaxed for the wedding.
  • Threading

    Explore the Other Hair Removal Option
    Great alternative to waxing. This is a little gentler on the skin and definitely a technique that helps shape brows. Test this out a month prior if it’s a new procedure for you but you can have it just two days before the big day.
  • Meditation

    Keep Your Head Straight, Meditate
    Mindset is very important before the wedding. Marriage is a life-change and one needs to be prepared mentally to embrace this experience. Guided meditation is helpful but so is meditation at a studio with others. Keep your head straight, meditate.
  • Waxing

    Go Hairless
    Flawless hairless skin is a must for the wedding. While some prefer to thread, waxing is ever popular and the go to for many. Recommended to wax 2 days before the wedding. Remember hot waxes and vegetable waxes are available.
  • Body Bronzing

    Always a Good Day to Tan
    The perfect tan on the perfect day. Look a healthy glow with sunless tanning options on your wedding day. Try to air tan at least 2 months prior to ensure you’re happy with the treatment for the big day.
  • Fitness

    Let’s Get Physical
    Exercise will reduce your nerves during this time. Whether you’re going for a run, a bike ride, tabata or decide yoga is in order. It’s a great stress relief and endorphin generator.
  • Day Spa

    Girl Time
    Whether they are your bridesmaids or they are just your friends, it’s important to bond before the big day. Time with your girlfriends is precious. You’re starting a new life and your girl tribe needs to know they will still be a part of it.