Spafinder Wellness 365 eGift Cards – Straight to Their Inboxes

An Spafinder Wellness 365 eGift Card is the perfect way to reward or thank customers, employees, sales partners, research participants and many others. Make it easy on yourself and let us handle the fulfillment of those digital gift cards for you. Simply provide us with the email addresses and denominations using our simple ordering portal, and we’ll send the emails on your behalf. You can even add your own artwork or logo.

A powerful connection between your brand and an Spafinder Wellness 365 eGift Card

Sending electronic Spafinder Wellness 365 gift codes has always provided a cost-effective way to instantly reach out and reward your customers, employees and partners. Now you can provide your recipients with a more personalized experience when you incorporate your logo or artwork and messaging within anSpafinder Wellness 365 eGift Card.

Easy to order and deliver

Using our Self-Service Ordering Portal, you can now access your unique design and create a personalized message for use as email templates. Just send us your artwork and we’ll add it to your image library – you can store up to 100 images. When placing an order, simply select your artwork, upload a file of email addresses with your preferred gift code amounts, add your message and we’ll email the gift codes to your recipients. Your recipients get a great gift and you don’t have to deal with managing an inventory of codes or cards – simple.

Flexible personalization options

Creating your own personalized emails gives you another opportunity to communicate your message – helping you to reinforce your brand at the point of redemption and remind the recipient of why they received this reward. Say thanks to customers for choosing your product or service, reward an employee for a job well done, send a gift from the CEO or compensate research participants. Whatever your needs – you get to decide the personalization and messaging, and your recipient gets a reward they actually want.