Reiki: A Healing State of Mind

Spa-nundrums by Milana Knowles

Reiki. Let’s face it: It’s one of those spa treatments that make even experienced spa-goers go “Huh?” After all, there’s not even much touch involved; it is based on transference of energy. You are fully dressed, lying on the massage bed, while a therapist places his/her hands gently on your body. Proponents say Reiki releases blocked energy and moves it to areas that need healing.

No questions, no conversation, no meditation or visualization, just gentle touch.  WOW!

Many years ago when I experienced a Reiki treatment for the first time, I was at a different point in my life and in a very different state of mind. During the treatment, my thoughts were rushing, my unquieted mind working a mile a minute.  I wanted it to work, but I must admit that in the end, I filed it away in the big-load-of-%$#@ category.

Recently, at Red Mountain Resort and Spa in Utah, I had the opportunity to experience Reiki again. This time, it was a completely different experience. My focus in life is different, and my mind was ready and open to new ideas. We are all energy, and we all create energy fields around us. Think about it: Some people‘s mere presence makes us feel good and some make us want to run away without saying a word. I believe that some people have the ability to share and transfer energy and start a healing process.

Do I think that anyone can take a course at a massage school and become a reiki master? Absolutely not. It takes a special person to do it; just as in the ancient times of medicine man and tribal healers, some people have that ability. Today my mind is open, and I am ready to receive their gift.