End Your Sugar Cravings Today

Sugar is as addictive as drugs.  Most frustrating is the fact that there are few regulations in place to demand a reduction in sugar of our foods. Ever had McDonald’s in Europe and noticed the food doesn’t taste exactly the same? Well this is because sugar is regulated there.  This could be one of the reasons Americans suffer from Diabetes-2 more so today than ever, not to mention the rise of obesity.

Americans consume 10x more sugar than other food additives. According to Forbes magazine, sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Click here for infograph.

So what can you do to alter your diet, increase awareness of what you consume and potentially kick this habit? First, let’s start with a reset.

Be easy on yourself. Keep in mind it’s a challenge to go cold turkey. Try a 40/60 approach then gradually adopt a 60/40 until you settle into a comfortable 80/20. Remember once you start eating well, this reduces cravings and your palette is altered. It is important to give yourself time to wean off of sugar. Maybe try 40/60 the first month and then work your way up. Progress happens every day once you commit to a life change. It took awhile to start the habit, it’s going to take time for your body to kick this habit as well.

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