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Humana Taps Wellness 365 Gift Cards for HumanaVitality Wellness and Loyalty Program

Wellness 365 Cards will be used as a reward to inspire healthy lifestyle choices

Corporate Wellness 365™, a division of Spafinder Wellness, Inc.®, announced today that Wellness 365™ Gift Cards will be offered through Humana’s HumanaVitality wellness and loyalty program, which rewards members for making healthy lifestyle choices and achieving personalized health goals. The Wellness 365 Gift Cards are among the 15 rewards selected by Humana for the program and the only rewards offered that are exclusively used for healthy activities. The cards are accepted by over 23,000 wellness providers around the world for services ranging from nutrition counseling to fitness classes, including yoga, Pilates and tai chi.

“Wellness 365 Gift Cards are fully aligned with our objective to provide incentives that help members make healthy choices and achieve lifelong wellbeing,” said HumanaVitality Chief of Product Innovation Stuart Slutsky “Incentives drive behavior change, and the programs and services available through these gift cards will be a powerful part of our inventive mix.” 

HumanaVitality members begin their wellbeing program by taking a short health assessment focusing on their daily routines. The assessment establishes a “Vitality Age™” that reflects the member’s age in terms of their state of health. By adhering to personalized health and wellness recommendations designed through the HumanaVitality program, he or she can lower his or her Vitality Age and earn points for healthy activities, such as wearing an activity tracker, giving blood, participating in organized sports, getting a flu shot, etc. The points can then be used toward a wide variety of rewards, including Wellness 365 Gift Cards.

“Corporate Wellness 365 serves as an employee's passport to wellness, and we are committed to helping people find their own path to keeping well,” said Steve Kane, Spafinder Wellness group president, gift sales and business development. “We are very excited about our partnership with HumanaVitality and its potential to connect millions of people to our network of wellness professionals that can inspire them to live and work well every day.”

Freedom of Choice Drives Persistency
Research conducted by Corporate Wellness 365 discovered if businesses want to get workers engaged with, and stick to, new, healthy behaviors, they need to provide them with access to a broader range of fitness/wellness activities that go beyond a traditional gym membership. According to the survey, roughly nine in 10 employees who tried a new fitness/wellness activity felt inspired to continue it on a consistent basis (86 percent), plus, try other healthy classes/activities (93 percent). Over 90 percent returned to the new activity, with 33 percent continuing it regularly.

Wellness 365 Gift Cards are designed to provide that choice by giving users access to a wide variety of healthy activities at thousands of locations.

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