Get Your Glow On With DIY Facial Massage

We’ve all heard that massage boosts circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, but when it comes to our face, we often kind of forget to give it that kind of TLC. But, part of the reason your skin looks so good post facial is caused by the kneading of the skin which – like a little mini workout for your face – increases circulation, flushing toxins and allowing nutrients to reach it’s outer layers which are constantly working to produce healthy, new cells to deliver the glow we all crave. And your skin feels smoother and tighter because you’ve also just gotten some of that proper lymphatic drainage we’ve just been talking about (a fancy way of saying you’ve reduced the fluid retention that causes puffiness – this is why so many eye creams come with a little ball at the end to massage the area, it helps move and drain the liquid which is what’s causing your puffy eyes).

Enter, Shellie Goldstein, M.S., L.Ac. a licensed acupuncturist and an innovator in the fields of acupuncture and skin care who has studied Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition, and Aesthetics and has created the Touch + Glow system ($98) – think magic wand meets a treadmill for your face. Like any workout or nutrition routine you can’t just use it once, I mean who eats one kale salad and loses weight? We wish. The reality is you have to use the tool consistently for 30 days and then listen for the compliments and watch for the glowier skin.

Single Wand Kit includes one wand in drawstring pouch inside a water resistant silicone gel bag carrying case along with a step-by-step facial acupressure guide, $98

What makes it distinctive from just using your hands or a random object is two fold; there is a magnetic quality to the tool which in addition to the vibration it delivers, enhances circulation, improves moisture retention and activates the deeper layers of tissue to firm loose flesh, while the metal used to make it is germanium which has a semi-conductive and anti-oxidant property that balances the skin’s bio-electrical field and absorbs positively charged radical ions, another way of saying it fights off all of those environmental stressors we hear about all the time.

Goldstein’s practice is all about putting a fresh spin on centuries old traditions, her facials mix classic acupuncture methods with micro-currents and light therapies to get you the best results without adding in anything artificial – in a word? Futuristic.