From Talons to Texture: The Newest Statement Nails

While not all of us are beauty risk-takers, we can all appreciate a fun manicure. This year we’ve seen some interesting nail designs, shapes and other artful interpretations on the runways, red carpets and let’s face it – the office! We’ve rounded up what we’re seeing trending in nails – what are some of your favorites?

Shape: Talons/Stilettos

Mirrored after the razor sharp claws on birds of prey, talons or stilettos (also quite aptly named!) have become a shape to be reckoned with and a go-to for some of Hollywood’s elite!

Images via tumblr & weheartit

Shape: Almond

Those who love the trendy long look, but not so much the spike of the talon, should check out the almond shape; much more tame but equally as haute.

Images via Pinterest

Texture: Caviar

Champagne wishes and caviar [no longer in your] dreams! Caviar nails are all the rage ever since Sephora started selling these awesome Ciaté kits to DIY at home for just $25.

Images via Pinterest

Texture: Velvet

Accomplished with another DIY at-home kit by Ciaté ($19) or even just by using Reflections brand flocking powder, you can get velvety-textured nails that are fashionably fuzzy.

Images via Pinterest

Color: Ombre

The same color trend that took the hair world by storm has made its way to our nails. Whether it’s a gradient variation from thumb to pinky or a sponge technique on each nail (interested in a tutorial? Leave us a comment!), ombre is a trend that is here to stay.

Images via Pinterest