Top 6 Picks: Sunless Tanners

May has long been the unofficial start of summertime, but it’s also Melanoma Awareness Month ─ and while we all yearn for a deep tropical tan, baking for hours under a hot sun or in a tanning bed is just not safe. Melanoma is the the fastest-growing cancer in the U.S., and with a one-in-50 chance of developing it within our lifetime, it’s up to us to be sun smart and to take all the necessary precautions. That deep tropical tan raises your chances threefold, but don’t fret: Sunless tanners have come a long way from their streaky orange start. Check out our top 6 picks for at-home sunless tanners.

Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Gel

Hampton Sun takes the top spot on our list for many reasons. Unlike most self-tanners, Hampton Sun doesn’t have a lingering scent after application but rather takes on the signature scent of the line, Privet Bloom, a delicate aroma that blends lily-of-the-valley, white hyacinth, sea spray, dune grass, blue plum and privet blossom. The gel is ideal for sunless-tanning beginners, as the color is buildable, natural and, most importantly, streak-free when applied evenly. The all-natural, organic ingredients include walnut oil, aloe and vitamins A through E, which leave the skin gloriously soft. After a few hours, you are left with a tan that has you looking like you spent the weekends in the Hamptons. Be sure to wash your hands following application! Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Gel; $32

Jergens Natural Glow & Protect

Jergens Natural Glow has long been a go-to for those who like to build a gradual tan while simultaneously moisturizing their skin. The new formula includes SPF 20 so you can build your tan and protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays at the same time! The moisturizer is available in two shades, Fair/Medium and Medium/Tan, that work with your starting skin tone; for best results exfoliate with a non-oil-based exfoliator before application. As well, Jergens has teamed up with actress Anna Faris to create The Places You’ll Glow campaign: For every Glow Story created and posted to Facebook, Jergens will donate $2 to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Jergens Natural Glow & Protect; $8.49

Per-fekt Body Perfection Gel

Love the look of stockings but hate how constricting they can be? Enter, Per-fekt Body Perfection Gel, which evens skin tone while bronzing. The gel-mousse helps to reduce the appearance of dry skin, redness, rough patches, varicose veins, stretch marks and streaks from other self-tanners. Hyaluronic microspheres firm and tone, shea butter moisturizes and ceramides lock in the hydration. Application is a breeze – use a dime-size amount for each leg, smaller for arms and other areas of the body, warm in fingertips, pat on and spread even. Be sure not to moisturize before you apply, as the gel will transfer onto clothing and won’t be able to absorb properly. Per-fekt Body Perfection Gel; $48

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 BODY

Like Per-fekt, Miracle Skin Transformer provides an instant skin-perfecting solution while bronzing the skin. SPF20 BODY, however, has SPF 20 in it to further protect from the sun. Jojoba oil, soy amino and hyaluronic acids act as moisturizing agents, and marine extracts optimize skin rejuvenation. The formula is streak-free and a bit dryer and more matte than the Per-fekt formula, plus you can easily blend and build to your desired coverage and color. Check out this great before-and-after from Miracle Skin Transformer’s website! SPF20 BODY; $34

Neutrogena MicroMist Airbrush Sunless Tan

Known primarily for its superb acne-fighting skincare and makeup products, Neutrogena has created a micro-mist airbrush self-tanner for at-home use. The ultra-fine mist covers your body evenly and doesn’t require you to get your hands messy by rubbing in the product. The continuous spray works to cover hard-to-reach places, including your back. It dries in five minutes, and in Neutrogena fashion, doesn’t clog pores! The formula is oil-free, non-comedogenic and comes in deep and medium tints to cater to multiple skin tones. Neutrogena MicroMist Airbrush Sunless Tan; $9.99

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Airbrush

Fake Bake is a recognized name in the world of sunless tanners. Offered at tanning salons and spas alike, Fake Bake also has an at-home collection, which includes its Beyond Bronze line. Beyond Bronze is dedicated to promoting healthy sunless tanning, and the brand has teamed up with the Noreen Fraser Foundation to fight against women’s cancers; 20 percent of all Beyond Bronze proceeds are donated to the Foundation, so you can feel even better about your healthy tanning option. This Beyond Bronze Airbrush has a color guide to immediately show where the product has been applied to the skin. Apply a light coat, wait four hours to dry then shower to rinse off the color guide ─ and love your glow for the next week. Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Airbrush; $17.95