Taming Your Inner Bridezilla

After 14 years of being in the bridal beauty business, I have enough Bridezilla stories to write a book! Upon finding out that I’m a professional wedding makeup artist, nearly always the first question is, “Do you have any great Bridezilla stories?”  I’ve witness brides lash out at their moms, bridesmaids and even other wedding vendors, typically because of stress that could have been easily prevented. More than 850 weddings later, I’ve concluded that there are several things you can do to keep your day as stress free as it can be and truly tame your inner Bridezilla.

Sweating the small stuff

The first thing every bride needs to do is let go of the things you can’t change, the small stuff. Pick your battles and your upsets wisely. Much like your marriage itself, it’s important that you know when to let go and when to truly get upset. If you mom wants to wear a dress that you’re not fond of on your wedding day or for some reason, your roses are a slight shade off from what you expected, don’t freak. Something small will always happen on a wedding day. There are innumerable moving parts and various people involved. A little misstep is bound to happen. You control how upset you get by said misstep, and you control the tone of the day. I’ve watched countless brides ruin their day because of things their guests would have never even noticed or cared about!

Hire the perfect team

This is one of the single most important things that I can’t stress enough to brides. Pick a team of vendors that’s experienced, professional, jives well with your personality and works well together! You shouldn’t have to worry about a thing on your wedding day other than marrying the person of your dreams. Having a great vendor team prevents any unnecessary stresses and allows you to relax. On the same note, trust the team you create, a truly good vendor always has your best interest at heart and wants the best for you and your partner. Let them take the lead on the wedding day. You’ve paid them because of everything listed above; they’ve got this!

Take some time for yourself

No one ever said wedding planning was a piece of cake; it’s practically a full-time job. Take some time for yourself during various parts of the process. In particular make sure you get some alone time close to the big day. The stress of the day and the events leading up to it can really take a toll on just about anyone. Get away, breathe and relax. I’m always a fan of a good spa day four or five days prior to the wedding. Set aside a few hours, turn off your phone and unwind.

EAT {Feed your bridal party and your vendors too}

Make sure you don’t skip meals on the wedding day! You may be a bundle of nerves, but no one likes to be around anyone hangry. In the same regard, no one wants a bride or a bridesmaid passing out at the altar. Make sure you have a plan for breakfast and lunch depending on what time you’re getting married. It will take one less stress off of your plate. Feed your vendors as well; they appreciate this more than I can explain.

Choose your squad carefully

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a massive bridal party. And in my experience, the larger the bridal party, the more opportunity for something to happen. I would love to say that all of your friends you’ve had for your entire life would all mesh well together when confined in a small space — or that they would all have your best interest at heart — but it’s not always the case. You’ll be spending a lot of intimate time with these people. The hours leading up to you walking down the aisle can be stressful, so what kind of energy do you want around you? You will be the central point that binds all of these people together and they will all come running to you when something doesn’t go the way they like it. Choose wisely; they can make or break your sanity the morning of your wedding.

The bottom line to all of this is to remember what’s really important, keep your mind on what you’re there for and have fun! It’s a big day, and it can be one of the most amazing things you’ve ever been a part of. Relax, enjoy it and celebrate the commitment you’re about to make to the person of your dreams! Just breathe; you’ve got this!