Q&A: Saltability Founder Ann Brown Talks Himalayan Salt Products

Saltability’s Himalayan salt massage stones.

Ann Brown is all about turning salt into stone: Brown founded Saltability, a professional and retail product line dedicated to evolving Himalayan salt’s use while also reducing the spa industry’s environmental impact. Saltability’s centerpieces are the professionally utilized salt massage stones and stone warmer: The waterless, LED-powered, and energy proficient warmer features a shielded heat source, eliminating the possibility of leaking electromagnetic fields (EMF). The stones are maintained with a 100% natural EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant, prolonging their shelf life and allowing guests to absorb their innate benefits. Saltability also produces bath salts, essential oils, and lamps. To learn more about the brand’s philosophies, we chatted with founder Ann Brown.

SPAFINDER: What is the philosophy behind Saltability?  

AB: Saltability was created by a need to change from typical hot stone massages that use basalt stones and traditional roasters. The stone only provides heat — the roasters give us [unhealthy] EMF [levels], have chemicals in the water and are a bacterial nightmare. They use large amounts of energy, and [reuse] the same water, all day, for each guest. I just wanted to see something that aligned with the mission and vision of why I have been in the spa industry for over 20 years — [To create something] healthy, green, low energy, and therapeutic.

Can you share what makes Saltability different from other industry brands?  

Saltability is unique in its creation and design. We work with partners in the Himalayan Mountains to make sure the Himalayan salt is first quality — No explosives or child labor [used], giving back to the community, and mining with intention. [Saltability] is an industry first — where the therapists and clients benefit together.  We went to over 80 mines to find the best salt, then hand-carve the stones into 3 unique shapes: These shapes help therapists [complete] deeper work and [lessen] hand and thumb challenges. Himalayan salt is 200 million-years-old and [the] 50-80 minerals found within it is highly therapeutic for the guest, and for the therapists holding [the stone].

What are the benefits of Himalayan salt?

There are so many advantages, but the top 3-5 would be alkalizing the skin and body and helping our mineral deficient diets and bodies. The salt resonates at 8 hertz, so it is very grounding and helps remove higher frequencies from the body and mind. Warmed Himalayan salt gives off negative ions that reduce oxidative stress.

What is your favorite product from your line and why?  

The massage stone we sell for home use.  I use this stone and get it damp and run it under my armpits to reduce odor and allow that lymph area to get all the minerals. I use it after a shower each day. You can also heat or freeze the stone for pain and edema.

Why do you think we’re still trying to grasp the use of Himalayan salts, especially since it’s been around for so long?  

I study spas and realize that spas are how communities started in Rome, Greece, everywhere. These communities sprang up around water. We are still trying to adapt these ‘rituals’ here in the US and understand that these holistic, wellness measures have tremendous benefits. Since there are lots more clinical studies done on pharmaceutical drugs than Himalayan salt or some mud, seaweed, or clay, we are having longer conversations trying to convince some folks that are attracted to instant gratification. [We are trying to convince] them that a soak or massage with certain tools — like Himalayan salts — can provide a sense of homeostasis for the body and mind.  I am going to keep at this and allow our clients to speak the truth themselves and speak for all the benefits for body, mind, and soul.