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Self-care starts here. Learn sustainable nutritional and physical habits to continue once you return home. From personal training, to nutritional counseling, to week long retreats- you'll reset and renew your commitment to self-care and well-being with Spafinder. Show up for yourself to show up for others. That's what self-care is all about. Love the Skin You're In- today, tomorrow and every day.

Featured Properties

  • Tennessee Fitness Spa

    Waynesboro, Tennessee

    Tennessee Fitness Spa offers an excellent and affordable fitness program, life-changing wellness workshops, including cooking demonstrations, comfortable lodging, and healthy and delicious meals. Relaxing spa services, such as massage and scrubs, are also available, or you can choose to be pampered in the onsite salon.

    To book call, +1.800.235.8365
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  • New Life Hiking Spa

    Killington, VT

    New Life Hiking Spa is an authentic, affordable, all-inclusive destination spa renowned for its personalized weight loss, wellness and fitness programs. Open each season from mid-May through the beginning of October, New Life will reopen for its 40th anniversary at the newly renovated Killington Mountain Lodge.

    To book call, +1.802.353.2954
    Learn more about Tennessee Fitness Spa

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