Spa in Texas

Texas is known for going big and spa is no exception! From destination and resort hotspots to medical and day spa properties, top line treatments and self care are important.  The larger-than-life devotion to wellness, along with its rich sense of culture, makes the Lone Star State a must-visit for spa-goers.

  • Explore Texas

    They say everything's bigger in Texas…and when it comes to the Lone Star State's spa scene, we have to say, we agree. Texas spas serve up wellness in grand style — complemented by the state's large dose of culture, history and entertainment — deep in the heart of Texas, from Dallas to San Antonio and everything in between.

  • Spa Etiquette

    Make your visit stress-free by knowing these spa etiquette tips before you go: Always be punctual; be aware of the spa's cancellation policies; turn off the smart phone; and leave the valuables at home. Prefer a male or female therapist? Request in advance, allowing spas plenty of time to meet your wish. When it comes to tipping, 15%-20% is customary (check with the spa; many permit cash tips only). Learn more spa etiquette tips.

  • Dallas Spas

    Dallas' slogan "Live large. Think big.™" could pertain to the city's sports and culture (it is home to the Dallas Cowboys and the nation's largest urban arts district, after all), but this cosmopolitan metropolis also attracts visitors with its Fortune 500 companies (think Exxon Mobil and Southwest Airlines), fine dining establishments, entertainment districts, upscale shopping and luxury hotel spas, including the Rosewood Crescent Hotel, which encompasses an entire block in Uptown Dallas.

  • San Antonio Spas

    San Antonio is another popular destination for its history and entertainment. Head downtown to the city's major attractions: the historic Alamo and the River Walk, lined with restaurants, shops and more on the San Antonio riverbank, one story beneath the streets of downtown.

  • Houston Spas

    The largest city in Texas does everything on a large scale, whether it be award-winning dining, business, health care, arts (the Museum District attracts seven million-plus visitors annually), shopping, nightlife and wellness. After a day exploring all that Houston has to offer, head to one of the many day spas and yoga and Pilates studios for a relaxing massage or an invigorating exercise class before a night on the town.

  • Galveston Spas

    History buffs wander to Galveston, residing on Galveston Island on the Texas Gulf Coast, to explore the six historic districts and 60 sites listed as National Register of Historic Places. Touristy spots include the Strand; the Elissa ship; and the AAA Four-Diamond Hotel Galvez and Spa. Christened the "Queen of the Gulf," Hotel Galvez is the only historic beachfront hotel in Galveston, has a Mediterranean spa and is on the National Register list.

  • Food for Thought

    Texas cuisine is a mix of flavors and influences from diverse cultures (Mexican to Native American to German, among them), along with regional classics. Tex-Mex is a fave here, taking its roots from both classical Mexican fare and American cooking techniques. Other down-home comforts include barbecue, chili (without the beans!) and fried foods (chicken-fried steak comes to mind).

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Great food, friendly folk and breathtaking vistas

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