The Road To Wellness: Kathryn Budig’s Guide To Healthy Vacations

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by Stefanie Adams

Kathryn Budig is one of the world’s most inspiring yoga teachers. Her motto, “Aim True”, is a testament to her genuine and down-to-earth personality, and her love for the practice is truly infectious. Kathryn is an avid foodie and wine-lover: when she’s not jetting around the globe teaching at workshops and events, she spends her time at home in the US experimenting in the kitchen and spending time with her much-loved dogs. Since she spends so much time on the road, we thought there would be no better person to ask about how to stay healthy and nourished while travelling. Check out Kathryn’s yoga schedule and, if you can’t practice with her person, pick up her DVD!

Wellness travel is becoming very popular: we’re seeing more people go on holiday to improve their health and wellbeing than ever before. Yogis have been doing this for decades, but the trend of healthy travel is now spreading to the wider, non-yoga world. Why do you think people are embracing the idea of wellness travel and are going on vacation to nourish & restore?

Simple: results. Don’t get me wrong, a weekend of debauchery can be amazing, but we all know the feelings of regret after over-indulging. Traveling to a destination where you can unplug and recharge is what we truly need. Our minds and body take such a beating from daily life that we’re basically starving for nourishment. These trips nourish the body and soul, and allow us to return to daily life with a fresh perspective.

You’re often on the road leading yoga workshops and classes around the world. How do you stay healthy & centered when you travel?

It is quite the challenge! I travel with powdered greens and protein that I take every morning. I start the day with tons of water with lemon essential oil if I can’t get my hands on an actual lemon. I take a tablespoon per day of apple cider vinegar to help balance my pH levels, and have an assortment of daily supplements including probiotics, digestive enzymes and immune support. I always have my trusty bag of essential oils from Doterra. I’m basically a traveling, natural apothecary!

Do you find anything particularly challenging when you’re traveling?

I really miss routine. Getting to practice/work out when I want to, eating food that I cook myself and know that my body likes, sleeping in my own bed, etc. are all things that I miss. These are the hardest parts. The flip side is seeing the world, meeting amazing people and expanding my mind. It all comes back to balance.

Which one item would you take with you on holiday to help you stay healthy?

It’s a tie between my powdered greens and essential oils! They’re both life savers.

What is your favorite wellness destination & why?

All of my Mexican retreats have been amazing. Xinalani Resort made amazing, healthy food and had a staircase that went on forever in order to get to the yoga room. It was far away from everything else, so made it easy to be in the present moment and enjoy being in nature.

Do you make time for massage and spa treatments when you’re based at home?

Yes! I do weekly massage and Craniosacral work. I see a chiropractor regularly who also practices Eastern medicine. I get an organic facial once a month, and I do home routines with Eminence and Dr. Alkaitis products.

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