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Authentic Ayurveda and Other Ancient Revivals

Spas have always broadcast the ancient pedigrees of their healing practices, whether hydrotherapy circuits originating in ancient Rome or millennia-old yoga traditions. Too often, however, a “lite” version got served up (a few Ayurvedic touches here, a steam room dubbed a “hammam” there). And, typically, all this venerable ancientness got played out in a modern, []

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5 Good-for-the-Brain Spa Treatments

Keeping the mind alert and healthy is so important, especially in the overstimulated, hyper-informational environment we live in. Here are five good-for-the-brain spa and wellness therapies to help you find mental wellbeing.

Spa 101

Spa Spotlight: Peninsula Bangkok

On the west bank of the Chao Phraya, the major Thai river running through Bangkok and emptying into the Gulf of Thailand, lies the famed Peninsula Bangkok. This distinctive hotel and three-story ESPA location cinched the title of Best in Asia and Best in Thailand during our 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards. Take a sneak peek inside to find out why!


29 Best Spas for Hipsters in 5 Cities

When we saw Travel + Leisure’s list of America’s Best Cities for Hipsters, we couldn’t help but think of the spas in these cities. So we took its top three, plus New York City and Los Angeles, two spa metropolises, and uncovered the best spas for hipsters.