Identifying the "Fertility Tranquility" Trend
Within a very brief period of time, I had these three experiences.
1) I was standing in front of the Cross Bath in Bath, England watching several women enjoy the naturally hot thermal waters. This was a stop during my tour of both the Roman Bath Museum and the new Thermae Bath Spa. At this point their marketing director, Charlotte, explained that in 1687, Queen Mary of Modena was sent to Bath as a remedy for sterility; she bathed here in these waters and subsequently became pregnant. As a result, the hot spring water at Bath was hailed as having healing power and promoting fertility.
2) Reading about Starwood's cleverly named "Procreation Vacation". They include quantities of pumpkin soup for her and "sea moss elixir" for him.
3) I visited the new Qua Baths at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and noticed the "Lunaception" spa treatment on their menu of services.
These experiences showed me once again that today's spas and yesterday's spas are not all that different - seeking health and pleasure is a powerful and enduring combination. And since conception involves both, it isn't such a surprise that spas are once again becoming known as ideal places to emphasize fertility.
In the past few years we have already seen the trend of moms frequenting spas before, during and after pregnancy - thanks in part to so many celebrity pregnancies. Mommy and baby spas have emerged where they can have spa treatments together. And we are becoming familiar with the term "babymoon", where moms and dads go away together often to a resort or hotel spa (much like a honeymoon) before the baby arrives. So the combination of conception and spa is a natural part of this cycle.
Add to that the trend of medicine and spas coming together along with a stronger emphasis on comfortable sleeping environments, and you have a recipe for - well, conception.
Further research showed me that, in fact, there are many examples of a spa and fertility link from the past and that many modern spas address this issue as well. What I find most exciting of all is that an even greater emphasis is being put on this trend for future spas - largely a result of the recognized need and supportive science.