Dear SpaFinder Insiders,
So much is happening in the area of sleep health that although I have written about it before, I thought it is time for an update.
SpaFinder predicted sleep health as a top trend for 2007 and again in 2008 as it relates to weight loss. Even I, however, wasn’t prepared for the groundswell of interest from consumers, media and spa professionals.
The more I learn the more I am convinced that this pillar of health will become even more important to all of us in the future. A SpaFinder Insider I wrote over a year ago titled "Sleep Health is Creating Quite a Buzzzzzzz" will give you some background information. In case you missed it or want a review, you can find information on:
  • Statistics on the epidemic of sleep deprivation
  • A list of spas who have sleep curriculums
  • Tips for people to improve their sleep
  • Ideas for spas to incorporate sleep health into their programs
  • And a list of books to read
Since that time, the following has caught my attention:
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