Here's what our customers are saying about RevitaLash®:

"I would like to share my RevitaLash® testimonial with you. Please use this in any way you feel necessary—every woman should know what a great product this is! I am normally very skeptical of beauty products; all promise amazing results yet almost all do not live up to the guarantees. However, I had heard many positive comments and did research about RevitaLash® and finally decided to try it out. RevitaLash® has gone above and beyond my expectations! My lashes look so better! Many people, including a particularly attractive male coworker, have commented on what gorgeous eyelashes I have — I am a believer and a customer for life!"
— Bailey, Nova Scotia (Canada)

"I love your product. With RevitaLash®, my lashes now attract a very "special" attention. My lashes have never looked so good!"
— M. H., Saratoga, CA

"RevitaLash® is fantastic. In two weeks I saw a dramatic change in the appearance of my lashes. Now I have lashes that are better than when I was in my 20s. My best friend uses it too. She tried the cheap ones, they didn't work. In two weeks she saw a difference and is very happy. I love RevitaLash®."
— Melanie, SK Miami

"This is the product I have been waiting on my whole life. Seriously. I have always had skimpy-looking eyelashes. Since I started using this product, I've seen a huge difference in the appearance of my eyelashes. People stop me and ask me if my eyelashes are real, or if I'm wearing mascara. I actually had to stop wearing mascara because it made me look too made up, which is a great problem to have. Three of my friends have bought the product and are also seeing results. Throw your mascara away and buy this product!"
— LeighAnn M.

"I know this might sound like every other letter you've received, but I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think your product is. I have tried every mascara on the market … searching for the one that would make my eyelashes more attractive. On a fluke at my doctor's office, I ran across your brochure and asked the nurses about this product. They showed me someone in the office that used your product and I was sure they were exaggerating. But after 2 months, it is just amazing how beautiful my eyelashes are looking! They almost look like false eyelashes!! Before your product, I would never leave the house without mascara … now I rarely put mascara on! Thank you so much for making this product. Simply amazing!" Sincerely,
— Leora H.

"I've been using RevitaLash® for 4 months and the results are amazing.
— Amanda C., Alexandria, VA

"I bought your product during a spa treatment. I am so excited to have this product and, if I could afford it, I would buy all my friends and family a tube!! BY FAR THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER PURCHASED!" Thank you,
— Tana P., Sugar Land, TX

"I didn't know it was so easy to get what I wanted! No more extensions or false eyelashes. Now it's my own natural lashes!"
— Samantha T., Los Angeles, CA

"As a mother of small children, I'm often rushed and busy. However, it's nice to know that I can rush out of the door without wearing mascara."
— Debbie S., Santa Barbara, CA

"I've been using your product for only two weeks and I really notice the improved appearance in my lashes. The results are dramatic. I'm very impressed!"
— Marian, California

"I purchased this product as a last resort. It has been around 4 weeks since I began using your product and what a difference!!! I love your product!!"
— Angela, VA

"My esthetician recommended RevitaLash®, and I have to say, it is great! I have only been using it three weeks but have started to notice an improvement already. I am a lifer…"
— Kelli Giraldi

"This product is awesome! I noticed beautiful results in 3 weeks. I love this product!"
— Heather Felix

"I have recommended RevitaLash® to all my friends. Amazing results! My lashes have never been so beautiful."
— Kathleen, Texas

"I have always had very unremarkable eyelashes. Six weeks ago I started using RevitaLash®….I am now a believer!!"
— Hopie, NC

"I just wanted to write and tell you that RevitaLash® really does work! I'm sure you are not surprised, but after more than ten years with unattractive lashes, it's amazing to me that your product has honestly helped me. Now, I feel and look so much better! I will definitely order again when I run out. It's amazing to me that such a small container lasts so long. It's simple to use, takes just a minute or so to apply, and I've had no irritation or other problems. Thanks again for this incredible product. Too often, consumers spend money on things that just don't work. I am delighted that my money was very well-spent, indeed. Feel free to use this testimonial any way you see fit. Other people need to know that you are an honest company with a wonderful product."
— Judy, Washington