2019 Spa Brands We Love


Anatomie ‘designed to fly’ apparel is a luxury brand, but for us, luxury is not a price point; it’s a feeling of ultimate comfort and personalized experience. From our apparel to our concierge service, our goal is to make you feel pampered, confident and well put-together. Our clothing is designed with a style-meets-function mentality and is executed with European fabrics and craftsmanship. To carry Anatomie at your spa, contact Jennifer Thompson at: jennifer@anatomie.com 214-284-6836

Mana Artisan Botanics

To carry Mana Artisan Botanics at your spa, contact Shimyrre Britt at info@manabotanics.com (404) 661-9325

Wild Air Skincare

To carry Wild Air Skincare at your spa, contact Lisa Kenally at info@wildairskincare.com 203-606-3609

Feeling Smitten

In 2007 Feeling Smitten fired up the first pink mixer to create handcrafted bath treats using the finest natural ingredients and an extra helping of FUN! Our products are good for all ages as they are proudly paraben, sulfate and cruelty free. You're sure to be SMITTEN with our amazing array of bath and gift goodies. To carry Feeling Smitten at your Spa contact Emily Smith info@feelingsmitten.com 828-585-7248


Hydration and sun protection are simple when they feel amazing. Hint is made with the essence of fruit, while avoiding sugar, sweeteners, and parabens – to make the best choices simple and fresh. To carry Hint at your spa, contact chelsie@drinkhint.com (805) 551-8611


Dress up in color with the unique jewelry line BaubleBar! From tassel earrings to rainbow inspired prints, Baublebar brings earrings, rings and more to life. To carry BaubleBar at your spa, contact Francesca Mileo francesca.mileo@baublebar.com 631-398-6254


Zaq ® carries a line of aromatherapy diffusers that add peace and calm to all the senses. To carry Zaq at your spa contact Talha Maniar, talha@zaq.comnicole@rocasuba.com 773-968-4392


To carry Realher at your spa, contact Amanda Arey amanda@realher.com, 949.600.6986

Farmhouse Fresh

To carry Farmhouse Fresh at your spa, contact Jennifer Major jennifer@farmhousefreshgoods.com 888-773-9626

Meme London

To carry Meme London at your spa contact Andraya Smith andraya@meme.london 44 (0)7715 990377


NuFACE is the leader in Microcurrent Skincare™. Founded by women, for women, NuFACE has transformed everyday skincare by delivering clinically shown, non-invasive devices that help every woman look and feel more beautiful. To carry Nuface, contact Maria Maciejowski mmaciejowski@mynuface.com 760-734-4545


We are the wellbeing beauty brand where science and inspiration meet. we harness dermatological science and the power of nature to transform your skin. we inspire beautiful days with effortless scents, poetic words and our philanthropic initiative in support of mental health. To carry Philosophy, contact Evelina Medvedovskaya Evelina_Medvedovskaya@cotyinc.com (347) 267-4360


ENERGYbits® algae tablets are a plant-based ingestible that provide a fast, easy, natural way to nourish and protect your wellness and beauty. For the last fifty years, algae has been a cherished secret in Asia. Now it’s your turn. To carry Energybits, contact Catharine Arnston catharine@energybits.com

Synergy Clothing

This Organic Clothing line dresses consumers from head to toe. To carry Synergy Clothing, contact Chelsea Gurnoe Chelsea@synergyclothing.com 888-466-0411


AQUIS is built on the fundamental truth that hair is most vulnerable when it's wet. From their award-winning turbans to their revolutionary Prime Haircare System, AQUIS emphasizes making hair intrinsically stronger and healthier, which preserves color, texture and shine. To carry Aquis, contact Pam Allan pam@aquis.com 415-328-2809

Satya Jewelry

This jewelry line invites consumers to explore the chakras, the power of precious stones and fine blends. To carry Satya Jewelry contact Ashlea Ingham ashlea@satyajewelry.com 212-243-6930


GCE MD is a line of nutraceuticals developed and researched in collaboration with one of the fastest growing & most successful nutraceuticals companies in the US. Industry-leading quality & reliability formulas backed by science. To carry GCE contact Frederick Churbuck info@gettingclosereveryday.com@gmail.com 720-308-8148