Blackhawk Issued Content, LLC (“Blackhawk” or “we”) and Elements Therapeutic Massage, LLC (“Elements”) have agreed to sell certain Elements-branded gift cards at Costco for a period of time in 2017 (the “2017 Summer Program”). In order to redeem and be paid for these gift cards, you (“You”) agree to the following:

You agree to the standard terms and conditions posted at https://www.spafinder.com/pages/terms-and-conditions/terms-partner-program/#Standard, including the Gift Certificate/Gift Card rider (“Standard Agreement”), and the following terms and conditions (the “Additional Terms” below) are added to the Standard Agreement.

If Blackhawk (as assignee of Spafinder Wellness, Inc.) and You are parties to an advertising agreement through which we advertise Your studio’s services through the Spafinder network and via which You accept and are paid for redeeming Spafinder-branded gift cards (“Spafinder Agreement”), then (i) the Additional Terms are also added to Your Spafinder Agreement with us and (ii) to the extent the terms of the Standard Agreement conflict with those of the Spafinder Agreement, the terms of the Spafinder Agreement will control.

Additional Terms:

  1. Blackhawk will sell the following Elements-branded gift cards at Costco:
    • $100 face value gift cards (“Dollar Amount Cards”).
    • A three-pack of gift cards, each card good for one one-hour massage session (the cards, “Service Cards”; the Packs, “Service Card Packs”)
  2. Dollar Amount Cards and Service Cards are Spafinder Gift Cards under Your Standard Agreement and Spafinder Agreement (if applicable) with us. You will redeem these cards as you do other Spafinder Gift Cards, but you will be paid as follows:
    • $66 for each Dollar Amount Card redeemed.
    • $58.66 for each Service Card redeemed.