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Planning a wedding is one of the most amazing yet stressful times for everyone, no matter what your role in the wedding party, whether you’re a parent of the bride or groom, the maid of honor, a close relative of a bride-to-be, or the bride. Spafinder Gift cards are the ultimate gift of luxury for a personalized wedding gift or as part of your wedding gift list. An invitation to take care of yourself is always a welcome gift, and making wellness happen together makes it that much more special. Spafinder Gift Cards are redeemable at thousands of prestigious fitness, beauty, and wellness locations. Spafinder Gift Cards are your passport to magical moments, from a spa escape with your soul mate, a bachelorette party at the spa to a healthy honeymoon, or a unique thank you gift for the bridal party gifts – the options are endless!

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A Personalized Wedding Gift Card Creates Smiles

Bachelorette spa parties are ‘de rigueur’ for weddings. Using Spafinder Gift Cards is the best way to give the ultimate feel good gift to everyone, it’s a way for the wedding party (the maid of honor, bridesmaid, or a close relatives of a bride-to-be) to relax, unwind and celebrate together. A spa wedding party experience is an excellent alternative to a night of bachelorette debauchery. Some spas are even open to hosting wedding parties where you have the entire place to yourselves. Spas are a wonderful place for pre or post wedding party bonding, ask the spa you are visiting if champagne is available for your celebration. If you do make a day of it, many spas offer pre-spa pampering for example, teas, water, or mini-appetizers. Some spas have full menus with delicious and healthy spa cuisine so the party will flow seamlessly.

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Like the wedding itself, location is key since you want to make it easy for your guests to get there. Think about the atmosphere you want and search for spas that offer something special, such as spas in wine country, beach settings, affordable spas, or spas that can cater specifically to wedding parties. Many spas will offer group discounts of 10% to 15% for groups larger than four or six. Everyone in the wedding party will appreciate being together for a day of pampering before or after the big day. Begin the next chapter with the gift of wellness in the form of a Spafinder Gift Card.