Product Partners

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Frooze Balls

Frooze Balls are delicious plant-based balls of goodness from New Zealand. Made from raw almonds, cashews, dates, raisins and other yummy natural ingredients, they are certified non-GMO, Kosher, vegan and gluten-free.  Frooze Balls are perfect for pre and post workouts, hiking, biking and all healthy snacking scenarios.  For more information contact https://froozeballs.com/ or Cherie Jackson, CEO cherie@froozeballs.com 630-344-3754

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Skin Authority

Skin Authority - The Healthy Skin Lifestyle Company – delivers instantly visible, clinically inspired results with Clean Skin Care™ formulations using best-in-class ingredients paired with new technology. Free of fragrances, dyes, parabens, micro beads and formaldehyde. Cruelty free and Vegan. For more information contact http://www.skinauthority.com/ or VP of Business Development Kristin Valentine kristinv@skinauthority.com 760-268-0047 ext. 120

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Foliage is reinventing the aromatherapy experience by blending pure Organic essential oils in a base of Organic shea butter, Organic jojoba oil, and Organic beeswax to create a luxurious balm. No diffusers, glass bottles, candles, baths, or need to mix with a carrier oil. Our organic balms are hand-crafted in small batches and help balance Sleep, Energy, Memory, Immunity, and Stress. For more information contact www.FoliageAroma.com or Johnny Ellsworth johnny@foliagearoma.com, 404-665-7076

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Guinot Paris is recognized as a leading skincare brand with results-driven products and treatments available exclusively at spas and salons across the world.  For more information contact www.guinotusa.com or Janeth Becerra janeth@lachmanimports.com 800.523.1030

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Moxie Malas

Moxie Malas is crystal healing and diffuser bracelets and malas (meditation beads) inspired by the best version of you. Everything is hand made in Minnesota with genuine gemstones and crystals. For more information contact www.moxiemalas.com or Jessica Hoch jessica@moxiemalas.com 651-808-7378

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Luxus Lashes

First European eyelash cosmetic product in the use. The eyelash extension industry is quickly growing and consumers are less tolerant of poor quality and bad service technique, which is why I believe LUXUSLASHES is the world best eyelash cosmetic product.’’    For more information contact www.luxuslashes.us or Jessica Lasisch jlasisch@luxuslashesny.com 917-536-0901

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Rad Roller

Our muscle-mastering massage tools are some of most innovative ever created. Inspired by human movement, our products are packable, easy-to-use and create the results your body needs. For more information contact RADROLLER.COM or Joshua Hensley josh@radroller.com (866) 247-3241

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Rapid Lash

ROCASUBA, Inc is the official distributor for RapidLash® brand family of products in US and Canada. For more information contact www.rapidlash.com or Nicole Pigott nicole@rocasuba.com 508-539-7077 ext 115

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Yummie Shapewear believes that women can be comfortable, confident and sexy all at once. Looking great and feeling great isn’t only for special occasions. Wear Yummie and be Yummie to the Core™. For more information contact www.yummie.com or Shari Hoeing shoenig@yummie.com or Dan Castiglione dcastiglione@yummie.com, 212.704.4242

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GCEMD is a line of nutraceuticals for both men & women developed and researched in collaboration with one of the fastest growing & most successful nutraceutical companies in the US.  Available exclusively at luxury spas, boutique fitness centers & select specialty stores. For more information contact www.gcemd.com or Frederick Churbuck gettingclosereverydaymd@gmail.com 720-308-8148

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Control Corrective

Control Corrective Skincare Systems is all about transformation. Our purpose is twofold – first to attain results and then to maintain the health and beauty of the skin. For more information contact www.ControlCorrective.com or Colleen Ford colleen@controlcorrective.com

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Lady Primrose

For over 25 years Lady Primrose has provided luxury bath products to the finest retailers, hotels and resorts worldwide.  Located in Dallas, Tx, our retail line includes 4 extensive collections of bath/body products and accessories while our work with hotels and resorts is focused on carefully curated, custom selections for the luxury traveler. For more information contact www.ladyprimrose.com or Deby Fowler deby_fowler@ladyprimrose.com 214-747-7673

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Bonblissity creates easy, packable & pure beauty necessities so you can indulge & refresh at home or anywhere you go. Treat yourself with luxury candy inspired scrubs, soaps and bath bombs that are both fun and effective. For more information contact www.bonblissity.com or Elissa Choi elissa@bonblissity.com 310-574-2266

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Kerstian Florian

Kerstin Florian’s award-winning products and treatments feature thoughtfully-selected natural, active, plant- and marine-based ingredients in luxurious, advanced, effective formulations to address virtually any skincare need and provide visible results. For more information contact www.kerstinflorian.com or Rachel Ryu rryu@kerstinflorian.com 949-595-4300 x138

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Zeel is the nation's largest and leading provider of same-day massages - delivered to homes, hotels, workplaces, and events. They also provide qualified massage therapist staff to work at facilities across the nation. For more information, visit www.zeel.com or contact the Marketing Department marketing@zeel.com

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The most powerful ingredients in skincare come from the safest source…nature. Award-winning Pevonia has been a leader in delivering clinically-proven, natural skincare solutions to the finest spas and professional aestheticians worldwide for nearly 3 decades. For more information contact, www.pevoniapro.com or Pevonia Corporate Office, 1-800-PEVONIA

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At FOREO we strive to create groundbreaking, accessible personal care solutions that bring happiness and benefit to everyday lives.  Experience the brand revolutionizing beauty with superior technology. For more information contact www.foreo.com or Sarah-Jade Lacoursiere sarah.lacoursiere@foreo.com 727-810-7551 & Tenley Feldstein tenley.feldstein@foreo.com 419-376-1930

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DMK is Building a World of Confidence™ through its unique DMK Skin Revision™ concept and treatments. Created by the scientific visionary Danné Montague-King, DMK offers skin revision programs for all ages, skin conditions and ethnicities in more than 25 countries utilizing DMK Skincare™ non-prescriptive products. For more information contact www.dannemking.com or Kyoko Getz kyoko@dannemking.com 562-944-0230

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ToGoSpa, the micro-infused Collagen Gel Mask Company with Eyes, Face, Neck and Lips. ToGoSpa Collagen Masks contain Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Marine Plant Collagen and Vitamins C & E. No Parabens, No Dyes and Cruelty Free. ToGoSpa is Perfect For Anyone With A Face! For more information contact www.ToGoSpa.com or Lori Schreiber lori@togospa.com 303-981-2243

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Sothys is synonymous with excellence and prestige in spas and beauty institutes worldwide. For over 70 years, the brand has remained committed to sharing its global beauty concept by partnering with passionate spa industry professionals to global resort brands. For more information contact www.sothys-usa.com or Nikki Neubauer nneubauer@sothys-usa.com, 469-394-3967