Spafinder's 2017: New Year, New Gift Card, More Business

Introducing our rebranded Multi-Use card

To have a setup card mailed to you, update your mailing address by clicking here.

To Stay in the Spafinder Network

  • All Partners must accept all Spafinder Gift cards (Single-Use and Multi-Use)
  • Your Business Merchant ID is required to accept the new Multi-Use Gift Card
  • We use a Set-up card to collect your Merchant ID so that you can process the new Multi-Use Gift Card via your Point of Sale (POSA)
  • Swipe the card and you’re set up right away.

How the Multi-Use Card Works

  1. Customer presents a new Spafinder Gift Card.
  2. Swipes the new gift card through your POS system.
  3. Enter the transaction amount.
  4. Your POS automatically debits the charge from the amount on the gift card.
  5. You receive payment within 2 business days.


  • Q: How do I activate this Account Setup Card?

    A: This new Setup Card is ready for immediate activation. Simply swipe the card in your point of sale (POS) and enter this total amount: $1.23. Your point of sale device will automatically debit this charge from the amount on the card, and your account is activated.

  • Q: Is there a deadline to activate my account with this Account Setup Card?

    A: Yes. This new Setup Card MUST be activated through your (POS) device by August 31, so that your business can be ready to accept Spafinder guests holding the new Gift Cards.

  • Q: How quickly will I start seeing these new Gift Cards at my business?

    A: Expected launch date is June 2017.

  • Q: How quickly will I receive payment?

    A: In approximately two business days.

  • Q: Why is my commission changing?

    A: With this new card we will drive more business, you will receive faster payment, and no reconciliation is required. Your commission will be 80%.

  • Q: How do I request additional Account Setup Cards?

    A: Please email

  • Q: Is there anything special we have to do to accommodate the new card?

    A: No, simply swipe the card in your point of sale (POS) and enter the total mentioned in the setup package of $1.23. Your POS device will automatically debit this charge from the amount on the card.

  • Q: What if I have more questions?

    A: Please email

  • Q: I use a square reader/swipe Paypal POSA. I am receiving error messages when I swipe my account setup card. What should I do?

    A: This is a known issue. Please email with your name, contact number, business name and specify your POSA system so we can advise you once this is resolved.

  • Q: If there is more than one POS location at the property, will we need more than one activation card?

    A: If all POS locations are connected to the same credit/debit cards Merchant I.D. then you will only need one activation card. If using multiple POS terminals for credit/debit cards and multiple Merchant I.D’s then you will need to activate/swipe each POS terminal with a different Setup card so that we may collect all your Merchant IDs.

  • Q: Can I continue accepting traditional Spafinder Gift Cards/Certificates?

    A: Yes. Existing Spafinder cards/certificates will continue to be redeemed as usual, via Partner Portal website, Partner Mobile App or IVR. This new process is for redeeming new Spafinder Gift Cards and eGift Cards only.

  • Q: We have not received the Account Setup Card to activate this new process.

    A: The new Setup Cards will be mailed April 11th 2017. If you do not receive one by April 25th, please email

  • Q: Will the process be the same for Mind Body Online partners? Are they going to also be getting an activation card to swipe in their current POS system? – They are currently using their own POS to redeem the existing Spafinder gift cards as well.

    A: Yes, Mind Body Online partners should all receive the setup card too, as the new card works like a debit or credit card, so needs to be swiped through their credit card POS.

  • Q: How do I check the balance at POS?

    A: Simply swipe the card in your POS to verify the balance or call 844-213-7107.

  • Q: Does the Spafinder Redemption App, Partner Portal or gift card API work for these as well?

    A: No, the new cards will run on the credit card rails, so they will need to be swiped and processed like a credit/debit card.

  • Q: Will we be able to differentiate the new Spafinder Private Label Gift Card from standard credit card logo cards?

    A: Yes, simply lookout for our Spafinder logo. There will be no VISA/MC/Amex/Discover logo on our new Gift Card product.

  • Q: In the Demo Video it says we process this like a credit or debit card – so is it processed through our credit card processor?

    A: Yes, simply swipe the card in your point of sale (POS) system to process.

  • Q: Does the payment come from our credit card processor or from Spafinder into our bank account?

    A: The payment will be from your credit card processor. It will be listed as a separate breakdown on acquirer statement referencing “Private Label” similar to how you see other product types: Visa Signature, Visa Debit etc.

  • Q: Are we able to put a credit onto the card if an error was made on our end and customer was overcharged?

    A: No, as this is still a closed loop gift card and cannot be reloaded.

  • Q: Will the new cards require a POS system to redeem the cards?

    A: Yes, cards are redeemed by using the business's existing POS system, where you would normally swipe all other credit and debit cards.

  • Q: Can the cards be hand keyed in anyway?

    A: Yes, most POS systems should allow for manual entry, as this will be needed for digital eGift cards.

  • Q: If there is an issue with the partner’s POS system can the cards be redeemed by being keyed in on Spafinder Partner Portal?

    A: No, the partner portal only supports existing Spafinder gift cards. The new gift cards will need to be processed via your POS system.

  • Q: How will we identify the payments for the new Spafinder Gift Cards? Will it only be on my credit card processing statement?

    A: You will see it in your bank statements and it will reside within the partner portal at launch where you currently view your existing Spafinder card.

  • Q: Does the spa issue a credit back onto the card if there is a refund needed?

    A: No, as this is still a closed loop gift card and cannot be reloaded.

  • Q: Will I still be able to see my redemption history report in the Partner Portal (for the new cards that are redeemed)?

    A: You will see it in your bank statements. In addition, it will reside within the portal at launch too, along with an option to view existing Spafinder cards.

  • Q: If fully redeemed, should I hold on to the customer’s gift card?

    A: No, you will not need to hold on to the new gift cards, even if fully redeemed. Just like other debit or credit cards you would give the card back to the client. Unlike before, you needed to redeem in the partner portal, and retain the gift card for your records. With the new Gift Card, as soon as the POS system confirms the payment, the funds are paid to your bank within 48hrs, like any other debit or credit card.

  • Q: If redeeming existing Spafinder gift cards, is the commission rate going to remain the same or is it going to be 80% along with the new cards?

    A: No % commission change is planned at this time for existing Spafinder gift cards.

  • Q: Do I need to issue a credit back to the customer?

    A: No. The balance remains on the card.

  • Q: How do I check the card balance?

    A: Simply swipe the card in your POS to verify the balance or call 1-800-228-1267.

  • Q: What if the total sale is higher than the card balance?

    A: If the funds are insufficient to cover the total sale, the cardholder can complete the purchase with a second payment method.