Special Events

Incredibly niche multi-day special events are also offered at Miraval, centered around the guidance of a specialist offering a unique exploration ranging from self discovery to photographic journeys in the desert. These activities follow a daily group itinerary, with one-on-one consultations also available in addition to scheduled classes, lectures or workshops.

There are over a dozen unique Special Events this year, scheduled for a limited numbers of dates. Some of these include:

  • Better Communications, Better Sex - achieve sexual satisfaction and manage sexual health concerns at any age
  • The Energy Project at Miraval: A New Way of Working - address both your leadership and your life by examining how the choices you’re making are influencing the people you lead, the organization you run and your own life
  • Experience Your Good Now: Learning the Art of Self-Care – a ladies-only retreat
  • Weil on Wellness: Achieving Optimum Health During Difficult Times - uncover the negative responses that occur when dealing with stress and make significant changes to cope
  • National Geographic Photography - Hone your photography skills in the warm shade of the Santa Catalina Mountains of Arizona with National Geographic photographers
  • Intuitive Synergy™ - combines hands-on energy work with intuitive counseling to balance chakras and clear present and past life issues
  • And of course, the legendary The Miraval Equine Experience™ Immersion with Wyatt Webb

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