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Since its inception, Miraval has maintained a simple vision: Life is more meaningful and enjoyable when all components of a person's being — physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual — are in balance. This famous destination spa near the Santa Catalina Mountains of Tucson, Arizona, offers guests every tool imaginable — from challenging Clue-In™ activities led by renowned specialists to gorgeous, healthful cuisine and casita-style accommodations to amazing Chill-Out™ spa and wellness offerings designed to allow guests a unique transformative experience in a stunning setting. Whether guests choose to spa solo or come with friends or a partner, the Miraval Experience is personalized and caters to each individual specific needs. Whether you are looking to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, dealing with a life change, bonding with another, or simply seeking pure relaxation, you will find everything you need — and more — to do so here.

The staff, specialists, and resources at this luxury destination spa eagerly meet guests wherever they are and take them wherever they want to be, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Miraval contributes to its guests — development, growth, and overall wellbeing like no other spa destination. The core belief at Miraval is that living in the moment happens when people are truly conscious of and enjoying their surroundings, and realizing they want those surroundings to last. This is called mindfulness and is incorporated into every experience at Miraval. An experience at Miraval provides the opportunity to connect with "the real you". Miraval creates Life in Balance™ and promises that guests will feel and prosper from it long after they have gone home. After all, you won't find you anywhere else.™

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