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Experience all things spa!

Don't miss out on next year's one-of-a-kind opportunity to be pampered, relaxed, and de-stressed. Details are coming soon for The Spa Experience New York 2009!"

Hear what consumers who passed through The Spa Experience New York 2007 had to say when asked what the highlight of event was for them:

  • "I live in Rockland County, so I took Metro North into Grand Central on Friday and met my daughter Kelly, who lives on the Upper East Side, for a Mother/Daughter day. Getting pampered from different spas all in one location! And sharing this wonderful experience with my daughter. I especially loved the eye treatment at the Ritz Carlton booth."
  • "The amazing eye massage at the la prairie booth. I was transported to another world for 15 minutes. WOW! The staff la prairie and Darphin were so nice and interesting... really made the spa experience a wonderful day."
  • "Everything was great including being able to buy a SpaFinder gift certificate at discount."
  • "I was grateful that the Pritikin folks did a sonogram on my thyroid and found nine cysts. I'm in the process of seeing doctors about them, to see if this is a sign of a larger issue. I also liked all the NY and PA spas...places I can get to for a quick weekend."
  • "Woman doing yoga exercises on mini-stage. She was a super role model, as she was not young, but was in great shape. Also the brochures, samples and free magazines which people can take their time to see at home."
Join us for the bi-annual Spa Experience New York at Grand Central Terminal, NYC in 2009