Food Options


Willingly abstaining from food, or from certain types or groups of food, for a brief period of time.


Some spas can accommodate requests for kosher meals. Adherence to dietary laws combined with a healthy dash of creativity results in deliciously satisfying meals, good for body and spirit.


These spas display a commitment to using organic, sustainably raised, or locally sourced ingredients by offering several organic menu options daily. As environmental sustainability becomes a major popular concern, more and more health- and eco-conscious consumers are discovering the benefits of organic farming. Organic farmers eschew synthetic fertilizers and pesticides as well as genetically engineered organisms and growth enhancers. Also, the National Organic Standards Board, which confers "organic" status on compliant farms, mandates the use of eco-friendly methods such as crop rotation to rectify common farming problems.

Portion Control

Portion control is a weight loss strategy that opposes the tendency toward eating excess that pervades our super-sized culture. This philosophy holds that satisfying cuisine in just-enough amounts at mealtimes will help diners avoid taking in many more calories than they can reasonably work off at the gym. Spas that practice portion control also strive to limit food temptation for guests by serving nutritious and satisfying spa cuisine.

Serves Alcohol

These spas will provide alcoholic beverages on demand. Alcohol may be provided in mini-bars in guest accommodations, restaurants, or bars.

Serves No Alcohol

These spas do not allow alcohol on premises. Reasons for restricting alcohol consumption may range from the preservation of a family-friendly atmosphere to the presence on property of programs addressing alcoholism. Spas with detoxification programs often prohibit the consumption of alcohol throughout the facility.


Approximately five percent of American vegetarians align themselves with the vegan lifestyle, which attempts to jettison animal-based products and byproducts from all aspects of life. Over and above the vegetarian prohibition against meat, vegan cuisine excludes dairy products, gelatin, honey, and eggs. Eating this way is said to have nutritional benefits that are sometimes attributed to the absence of artificial substances used in meat production (e.g. growth hormone) from the vegan diet. These spas offer health enhancement through a full complement of vegan dining options.


Somewhere between a triple-decker burger and the alfalfa wheat-germ surprise lies a world of balanced nutritious cuisine. These spas are known for their vegetarian fare.