Hair/Nail Services

Eyebrow and Lash Tinting

Similar to hair color, dyes are applied to eyebrows and/or eyelashes based on individual shade preferences.

Hair Styling and Care

Many spas encompass a full-service salon offering the hair-care amenities salon patrons have come to expect. In addition to reshaping and styling your hair, spa technicians can educate you about the newest all-natural ways to keep your hair healthy. If you enjoy a product used in your hair-care treatment, whether it's a mineral conditioner or a moisturizing mud hair mask, chances are that you can purchase it at the spa.

Hair Extensions

Hair strands are attached to a person's existing hair in order to lengthen and/or thicken their existing style.

Lash Extensions

The bonding of synthetic to natural lashes, to lengthen and thicken.

Makeup Instruction/Application

If you feel as though your look could benefit from the trained eye of a beauty technician, you might want to try a professional makeup application. Usually conducted by a beautician or esthetician, a brief consultation can introduce you to striking new possibilities that are no farther away than the nearest mirror. Some clients use these sessions to prepare for a special event, even a wedding. Makeup professionals can also introduce you to high-quality cosmetic products that will enhance your style while restoring skin to its natural luster.


Many day spas have nail technicians who can provide expert manicure services for men and women. Depending on the establishment, luxury spa features can be added to this familiar service. Popular spa amenities include hand massage, paraffin dip, aromatherapy hand baths, and acupressure. Some spas even boast high-tech chairs with massage capability and heated pillows. Salon expertise and spa pampering can combine to provide the ultimate manicure.


In a busy life, people’s feet bear the brunt of the daily routine. A relaxing, rejuvenating pedicure can help to reverse the damage caused by day-to-day stress and pressure. Spa pedicures go beyond mere cosmetics to get you back on your (new and improved) feet. Day spas usually add a few luxury amenities to the conventional pedicure experience, such as reflexology, a paraffin dip, or a vibrating massage chair.


Day spas offer an array of body waxing services for effective hair removal. Waxing is said to slow down hair growth and promote the generation of finer body hair. Waxing treatments usually have to be repeated regularly for ongoing results. Practitioners urge patrons to avoid exposing the affected area to sun and hot water for about 12 hours after treatment.