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Adults-only Vacations

Sometimes a break from the kids is in order. Whether you are an overworked single or a stressed out parent, an adults-only vacation can provide some much needed R & R. These spas don't necessarily have a rambunctious, spring-break atmosphere, but they do solely cater to guests 18 and older.

Adventure Lovers

Your adrenaline is pumping; your heart is racing. And yet you've never felt better in your life. Sometimes when you go farther than you thought possible, you find you can still push yourself even more. These spas help you find your true limits with adventure activities that may include rock climbing, challenge courses, extreme sports, and more.

Bridal Parties

Spa programs designed to cater to brides and grooms.


Treatments and programs designed to be shared.

Solo Travelers

From group hikes to shared meals, there are many ways that spas take special care of the solo spa-goer. Whether you wish to be left alone, meet new friends, or explore the singles' scene, these spas will give you the welcome you want.

Families with Kids

Spa vacations for the family provide a combination of resort activities and spa services. Children can participate in supervised programs while their parents unwind with a workout or spa treatments. Babysitting for young children and introductory spa services for teens may also be available.


A spa program that tailors some of its services and activities for men.


A resort where nudity is openly permitted.

Pet Owners

Some spas invite Rufus along. These spas allow you to bring your pet, and some even offer pet treatments.

Honeymooners and Romantics

Couples massage. Candlelit dinners. A spa vacation, with all its wonderful sensory indulgences, makes for the ultimate romantic vacation. These spas will put you in the mood.


Many seniors are vital and active today. These spas welcome guests over 65 and can meet their special needs in various ways that may include dietary restrictions, medical programs, and help navigating the property’s grounds.


You're never too young to learn healthful habits. Many spas allow teens, but these spas offer special packages, treatments, and even teen parties to attract the under 20 set.

Winter Sports Aficionados

Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, and sledding are just a few things you can try this winter. And settling down for a fireside massage afterwards is a good way to end the day.