Spas that have programs that treat infertility offer a welcome alternative to the strictly clinical setting.


These spas have made a special effort to welcome mommies with babies by providing special amenities or programs. Whether you want to learn proper nutrition, jumpstart an exercise regimen, or connect with the new addition to your family, they are the perfect place to make sure both you and your baby start a healthy life together.


These spas provide special programs and services that mothers and daughters can enjoy together. Spas can be a great place to nurture the mother-daughter relationship. Quality time spent together in a non-stressful environment fosters deeper relationships, while a variety of activities allows for independent pursuits.

Pre- and Postnatal

Spas with specific pre- and postnatal programs offer pampering to soon-to-be mommies, and may also address the nutritional and other health needs of a baby and its mother, before and several months after birth. Services may include massage, physical examinations, seminars, and one-on-one counseling.

Smoking Cessation

These spas offer programs and treatments designed to help smokers successfully stop smoking.


These spas offer a wide variety of spiritual awareness classes, special therapies, and workshops that foster emotional healing, awaken creativity, and bring new insights. You can take time to explore your spiritual world and find inner peace, serenity, and clarity.

Stress Management

Some spas have comprehensive programs designed to help you cope with stress. Not only will you leave feeling relaxed but you will also have a host of tools for future stress management.

Weight Loss

Almost any spa can help with weight issues, but some spas specialize in weight loss by offering programs with integrated nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle components. Check out these spas known for helping guests achieve a more desirable weight and sense of self.


Most spas offer yoga, but these spas offer an average of 20 classes a week and a variety of yoga styles suitable for both beginner and advanced students.