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Tell Us Your Story

During this time, there’s a need for community-oriented thinking and collaboration. At Spafinder, we believe our partners make up a community of healers and service providers that can extend educational, uplifting and aspirational content to our audience.

Do you have content or video to share your yoga practice, meditative guidelines, ways to create at home essential oils or how to use a gua sha effectively? These are great ways to engage in conversations to enhance well-being and create business awareness.

We value and want your input. We will be highlighting contributions in upcoming blogs onsite and on social. We encourage you to contribute and raise the community frequency during this time. We need positivity and want to ensure we do what we can to help others on their mental, physical and emotional wellness.

Some examples of what we are looking for:

  • Physical, mental or spiritual ways to cope
  • Meditation practices
  • Virtual workouts
  • At-home spa treatments
  • Beauty self-care
  • Ways to boost immunity
  • Healthy recipes
  • Ways to entertain your kids & work
  • Makeup tips
  • DIY ponytails, braids, and other hairstyling techniques

What’s in your positivity tank? Share with us today!

We Want to Hear from You!

Please tell us about what you’re doing to manage your business and weather this storm. Spafinder wants to share your story with our users.


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