2020 March Mindfulness Month.

Mediation. Mantras. Motivation. Massage.

How does one cultivate mindfulness? How do we apply it to our everyday so we practice mindfulness when considering ourselves, others, our community, our eating habits and our health?
This March, we will celebrate Mindfulness and invite you to participate in the celebration.

Several of our spas, salons and fitness facilities participate in workshops and/or retreats to advocate wellness for their clients. They implement mindfulness practices into practices at their facilities. Chakra balancing massages with meditation, reflexology with essential oils and culinary workshops are just a few of the ways our spas advocate for wellness.

Are you a mindfulness warrior changing and shaping the lives of others? If so, we want to help you champion this effort.

How can you help?
We want your story and/or the story of someone who you think spearheaded or advocated to bring mindfulness to their community.

How can we help you share this message?

We want to know how you made these connections happen. Give us a 300-500 word blog about your contribution to the Mindfulness Cause and we will share it on our site, via social and more. If you have a video on youtube that explains your contribution, that works too!

Mindfulness Warriors

We want to share as much of this vital information with our audience so please submit as soon as possible. Note all submissions are subject to approval and availability. After you submit, we will reach out to you for further information.

Slots are limited so we are eager to hear from you soon.

We thank you in advance for bringing Mindfulness and Peace to our audience and to your community.


2020 March Mindfulness Month

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