Spafinder LIVE!

Spafinder Live! Programming Guide

Spafinder’s network of partners and merchants offer FREE online courses, seminars, classes, tips and expertise to help us all stay healthy and active.

Connect online with your laptop, desktop or mobile device and share a class with an instructor or health and wellness professional. Who knows? They may be your local therapist, instructor or technician ready to offer you a bit of in-home support.

Want to Offer a Class or Livestream?

If you’re already a Spafinder Partner, creating and promoting your event on Spafinder is easy. Use the same tools you use to create a Spafinder Offer, but put the word “Live” in the title of the offer to indicate that it’s an event.

Your Live Event will appear on our site in the local Offers section, and we’ll add it to our Programming Calendar as we can.

If you’re not a Spafinder Partner, sign up now to get access to Spafinder’s network. It’s a great way to help your community and keep your clientele connected and informed.

Partner New to Streaming? Here’s How to Do it:

You can create live streaming events using Facebook Live, YouTube and other channels. The key is that you need to set up your event ahead of time in order to get a live link to include in your Event on Spafinder.

With YouTube, it’s easy. Start by going to, logging in using your gmail account; then look for the video icon at the top of your page:

Click the icon and choose “Go Live”:

An important note is that the first time you create a live event, YouTube enforces a 24-hour wait, so please set it up ahead of time.

Once you have your live-streaming link, log in to your Dashboard on Spafinder.

Then, click on the tab that says, “Offers”:

Be sure to include the word “Live” to begin when you create your “Offer Title”. So, something like “Live – Yoga Instruction, 7ET”.

Add the link to your live stream in the description, and we’ll take care of the rest.

More “How To” Videos

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This is a great way to stay involved and in touch with your friends, neighbors and customers.

Do your best and do your part, and we’ll all come out on the other side :).

If you are not a part of the Spafinder Network, and want to join, click here to get more information.