Using the Customlink Tool is easy! Customlink Tool allows you to place a custom link on your website.

When your customers visit from the Customlink on your website or your email communications they will see contact information for your travel agency only. See a Sample

Your travel agency name, contact number, and email address will appear on the right hand-corner of every resort, hotel, and destination spa page.

Plus, if you have a specific spa page you would like to email, use the "Email this page to a client" link and your client will receive the page with your contact information. (Offers appear only to Travel Agents)

Within the fields provided, fill out Travel Agency Name, Contact Email, and Contact Phone Number that you would like displayed, then click "submit" and your link will be created.
The Customlink Tool will automatically generate a piece of code, which your Webmaster will use on your website to link to
Cut and paste the link for use on your website and within your email communications with clients.
For Webmaster Use: The piece of code generated is an href that presents spa pages with your contact information - you can best present the href on your site as an image or a text link. Below are two link type samples.

Text Link Example:
<a href="CODE HERE">TEXT HERE</a>

Image Example: