Rejuvenation Specialists Plaza 101 Salon and Spa

Rejuvenation Specialists Plaza 101 Salon and Spa

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3509 Hounds Chase Lane, Suite 101
Roanoke, VA 24014
United States
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Customer Reviews for Rejuvenation Specialists Plaza 101 Salon and Spa (24)

January 27, 2014
Great mani/pedi
I used a Groupon and was pleased with the service and treatment. Robin was warm and friendly, offered me hot tea and did an awesome job on my nails. I've already purchased a gift certificate for a friend. I would recommend Robin and Plaza 101 to anyone wanting to feel pampered.
March 14, 2013
bridal party
I met the staff from plaza 101 at a wedding event last year and after deciding to go with them for my wedding needs I was very happy with the results. They did on location for my wedding and brought all of their equipment with them. Basically , my girls and I did not have to travel anywhere and the stylists and makeup girl did a great job of making us beautiful for my wedding. It was so effortless and less stressful!! I would recommend them for wedding and other events!! very happy
March 14, 2013
wedding party
I recently got married and had my wedding services done at the plaza 101 salon, everything was lovely! My bridesmaids and myself were very happy with everything that we received and we were also served food and wine!! Kelly did my hair and cyndee was my makeup girl, I felt like a queen and we had such a wonderful time I would highly recommend this salon for any bride who wants that extra special touch on their day!!
January 10, 2013
great stylist
I moved to roanoke from cleveland recently and needed to find a new salon. I stumbled upon this salon while dining at the restaurant next door. Steve Becker was my stylist and i was very pleased with my cut and color. I will be back to him. I was also pleased with the warmth and friendliness of the staff, they even served me a glass of wine which was a nice touch after a long day at work!! Kudos to me for finding such a great place to have my services !! I will be back
January 8, 2013
I will NEVER come back!!!!!
After coming in with three friends to get mani's and pedi's we thought the service was just okay! The workers were not terribly friendily and were snipping with each other during our visit. My nails were coming off by the end of the day. My other friends had issues with their nails also! After contacting the manager several times she said she would give me a gift certificate for a PARTIAL amount. I lost $70 at that point. The gift certificate never came!! After a few more visits and calls the certificate came - after 2 1/2 months!! AND it was less than she originally said! I finally spoke to the manager - whom I later learned was the OWNER!! She argued with me over the complaint and then told me that was all she was doing for me! I questioned her and she said nothing further - either hung up or was just silent!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE???? NOT HERE!!!!! On to Better Business Bureau I go!!!
Response from Rejuvenation Specialists Plaza 101 Salon and Spa
This is a case of someone wanting something for free. We always accommodate our clients with the upmost respect if they contact us in a timely manner. Services were offered to be reworked for free. We hope this customer has a better visit elsewhere next time.
December 29, 2012
Pretty Good Salon
I went a couple of times to Plaza 101, mainly because they had a Groupon. The girls there were sweet and kind. It is not as upscale as some of the salons in Roanoke, but I also don't think it's as expensive. Good salon for the price.
December 3, 2012
Awesome! Love Plaza 101!
The spa was recommended by a friend and I have never been disappointed. Lauren does my hair color, highlights, and cut. She does my nails, pedicure, and waxing when I have time to spend on myself. The spa itself is a joy to go into, friendly people who treat you like family. I am very happy to have found Lauren who works with you to give you the very best service possible. Thank you! Teri
November 28, 2012
Manicures & Pedicures @ Plaza 101
Lauren does my manicures and pedicures and I recieve excellent service everytime. The salon is absolutley lovey, and all staff are friendly and professional. Special kudos to Lauren because she is always professional, flexible with scheduling, and very good at what she does. I appreciate her expertise, friendly conversation, and the relaxing treatment I get each and everytime. Thanks Lauren, I so appreciate you!!! Carla W.
Amy D
August 28, 2012
Always Amazing
I can't say enough about the service I get at Plaza 101. I've never been one to follow anyone when they left one place for another but am VERY glad I followed Tammy Halsey! From the minute you enter the front door you are greeted warmly and made to feel welcome. Everyone I've seen there is friendly and outgoing and I won't go anywhere else. To get the most amazing mani/pedi you MUST go see Melissa LaTempa! She spends her time making sure you have the best experience and never double books... and if you're really feeling the need to indulge, get the detox won't be sorry! Now, if you have "natural sparklers" like I do, you HAVE to see Tammy! Go a few times, let her get a feel for who you are and then let her do her thing- I'd have NEVER approved blonde highlights but it turned out amazing!! Who'd have thought? So, my advice to you? GO! Call Melissa and Tammy and have an amazing will never be sorry you did, only that you wasted this much time with ANYONE else!
March 17, 2012
Bad hair appt.
I wish I had never gone to this salon. I won a gift card at work. It more than a month for the stylist to call me back and schedule something. During my hair appt., she spilled dye on my new shirt and didn't say anything about it, constantly asked me about another hair salon in town, she kept disappearing, sprayed water all over my face during the rinse, her clothes smelled of cigarettes, and even though she said it would take 2 hours, it took 3.5 hours. I finally said I had to go - I had plans that afternoon which I told her about. I left there with wet hair in February. She also overcharged me claiming she used a lot of hair dye for the highlights - which I didn't ask for. When i got home and dried my hair, the highlights were way too blonde and looked like stripes in the front. Plus it was too short. I had coworkers tell me it didn't look good. I called the manager/ owner the next business day. She offered me a refund and said she would call later to get my address. I didn't hear from her so I called again later that week. Same thing - she couldn't write down my address. This went on for 2 weeks. Finally she took my address and said she'd mail me a refund. That was 3 weeks ago and guess what - nothing has arrived in the
March 15, 2012
great med spa
I went to this salon with a couple of girlfriends and we had a wonderful experience . I would definately go again . The med spa on site is great, the nurse knows a lot about the juvederm, radiasse and other medical facial things that i am very interested in. I also like the fact that you can wind down with a glass of wine!!
October 6, 2011
Wonderful Salon - Beautiful cut and color
I recently purchased a daily deal for a hair color at Plaza 101 with Autumn Ferris. She booked my appointment quickly and was ready to take me right on time when I arrived. Having lived in bigger cities, and having experienced many types of salons, I'd say that this is right up there with the best of them. Autumn reviewed the photos I brought in and talked to me about what I wanted. She did a great job with my color (low lights) and cut. She styled my hair nicely and sent me on my way feeling beautiful and confident with a hairstyle that looked very much like the pictures I brought in. :-) I was tickled pink. I would recommend this salon to anyone and Autumn, specifically for haircuts and color. She was fabulous. I plan to return again.
July 20, 2011
Hair and Nails
I have curly short hair and I could not find a salon that could cut it so the curls would stay curly and not frizzy...I CAME TO PLAZA 101 AND WILL RETURN!! WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE..My hairdresser is experienced in curly hair...Then I got my nails done and they are beautiful...At work I cannot have them acrylic ,so, my tech fixed then where they are my originals...Thank youPLAZA 101...I WILL RETURN..
July 3, 2011
Terrible experience
This place was a nightmare.The salon constantly offers Groupons to get people in but you will not get good service if you use a Groupon.i purchased a "Deluxe" mani-pedi for $35 that was normally $70. First, I called 2 weeks ahead of time to book an appt, which I needed because I was getting married.They had NOTHING available for a month, and got snappy with me about how with Groupons I needed to call months ahead of time.Then the woman was "doing me a favor" by fitting me and a few bridesmaids in at various times. I had also purchased a spray tan from them. When I called to book these appts, it was difficult to get in touch with anyone. When I went in for the spray tan, they did not even have my appt written down, because they don't keep things centrally located.Then they kept randomly changing the mani-pedi times. When I finally did go in for my "deluxe" pedicure, it consisted of a couple rocks in a bowl and about 10 minutes putting nail polish on. The seat wasn't a massage chair and my feet weren't massaged or anything.I requested a French mani, which the woman grudgingly did, and it was the worst i have ever seen since she was in a rush.i left in tears and canceled the other appts. It was unneeded stress and made me feel awful
Response from Rejuvenation Specialists Plaza 101 Salon and Spa
I remember the day that this client called to make the appointment. I told her that we were completely booked however, she proceeded to scream at me on the phone and demand an appointment for her upcoming wedding,for which she had bought the groupon for herself and her bridesmaids. I politely told her that if she insisted on coming in , that I would have one of the girls try their best to get her taken care of. We truely felt bullied by this client. On the day of the service, it was perfectly clear to her and other clients that we were busy, however , she made a scene in the salon and was very rude to the girls. I sincerely hope that her wedding went well and wish her the best dispite how she acted . I trust that she will not come to plaza 101 again.
June 1, 2011
A-1 Spa Experience
I must say the quality of the service I received from this top notch Spa could be rivaled by none! The ambiance and staff immediately lends to a air of tranquility. This was the best, most professional mani/pedi I have ever received. The cleanliness and attention to detail was most impressive. As well as the facial I received left me feeling quite refreshed, invigorated and relaxed. Please if you find yourself in need of some pampering do not hesitate to go to Plaza 101, for the most amazing spa experience of your life.
May 28, 2011
Bad mani/pedi
I visited this spa using a Groupon for a spa mani/pedi. I think they over-Groupon'd themselves or something. Both the mani and pedi were not done well at all. I was extremely disappointed in the quality of the nail jobs. I figured if I'm paying for something it should be done better than I do myself at home - it wasn't the case here. I didn't want to be rude, but I had to tell them how I felt before leaving because it was pretty awful quality. I guess they thought that since it was a Groupon visit I didn't actually deserve what I was getting a discount on. Unfortunately I can't recommend them nor will I go back.
February 15, 2011
The Best Spa in Roanoke - and not expensive!
Plaza 101 Spa is my new favorite - and the only place I'll get my hair cut ever again! Not only is the interior beautiful - with warm colors, brick arches, plants and amazing ornate wooden hair cut stations, but the service is impeccable. My friend and I got pedis together and we were treated to pastries and mimosas. The techs did a fantastic job, going well over the 45 min. and being especially gentle and throuogh. I decided to get my hair cut, and they worked me in. The stylist did the most amazing job - very concerned with making sure the layers were even and that I was content with it. I have never had a haircut I liked more. The prices are a good low to midrange, and they don't push products on you.Today I stopped in to get a brow wax and set up a mani appt. I was worried that a broken nail would come off before I could get in, and the tech patched it for me, free of charge. The ladies there are sweet and kind - I felt so welcome. Don't get your nails done at the mall anymore! Its worth a few extra $ to get pampered and feel special - no matter who you are! I normally don't like the "snooty" moods at spas, but none of that here. I highly recommend this spa!
June 30, 2010
They broke my hair off!
I have beautiful virgin long hair. I decided to get a perm on the largest rollers because I was worried how much it might curk up. The lady had never used that size rods and she kept pulling on my hair and using straws to hold it all together. It was quite painful. As I drove home I was running my hands through my hair and noticed that the hair above my forehead was broken off and felt like a guy with a buzzcut. The I noticed the same thing had happened on the top, in the middle of my head. It has been about amonth and a half to two months and as it grows out it sticks straight not being long enough to lay over yet, Yes, it looks stupid. I don't remember the ladies name as I threw her card away ASAP. BTW, they have no female massage therapists so if you are like me and feel uncomfortable being touched by a man, you're out of luck. Do not get your hair done here unless you want to waste over a hundred dollars!
Response from Rejuvenation Specialists Plaza 101 Salon and Spa
Upon reading this review I was very surprised to say the least. This is a full service salon with highly trained individuals who regularly continue their education to keep themselves current on the latest and newest technologies. It is our policy at plaza 101 to make sure our clients are satisfied with their services. If this client had called or came back or made it known that she was dissatisfied with her service we would have certainly corrected the situation. The stylist in question is fully qualified and has been in the business for 15 years. We also have several massage therapists here at plaza 101 two of which are female. I am very sorry that we could not make this customer happy in any way and hope that by reaffirming our customer satisfaction policy, that others will not be amiss in visiting our beautiful salon. thanks so much
Claire T
August 25, 2009
A New York experience in Roanoke
I came to Roanoke for my nieces wedding. I had asked her to include me when making the appointments for herself, the mother of the bride and the bridal party. I've been to Salons all over and I can't find a Salon in New York I like as much as Plaza 101. The owner and staff are warm and welcoming and the atmosphere is very relaxing and decorated beautifully. I had my hair done in an updo and it came out beautiful, the nicest one I've had done in a long time. I did not have my makeup done but the rest of the girls did and let me just say they all looked stunning. My neice was a radiant bride. The next time I am in town I will make sure I come in for a day at the spa.....
April 23, 2009
A birthday she will never forget
I have been a regular at Plaza 101 for about a year and have always been very pleased with th service I receive. In November my little girl was turning 7, I wanted to do something different for her birthday. I decided to have a day of beauty birthday party at Plaza 101. Robin and Cindy did a wonderful job planning the party to include fancy hair styles (by Cindy), Manicures, Pedicures (by Robin), food, cake , grape juice in real wine glasses, and an added treat Jerry gave the girls shoulder messages. The five girls (little ladies) had the time of their life being pampered for the afternoon, even the parents were treated special being offered beverages (wine, soft drinks, tea, and mamosias, one even got her hair cut and styled while there). Needless to say, the girls and their parents are still talking about how wonderful the party was, somthing they will never forget!!!!
December 22, 2008
Wonderful experience
I came to Roanoke for a wedding and visited this wonderful spa. You feel welcome from the minute you step in. I loved the decor. I was offered wine and snacks. I had a great haircut and style. Michelle was awesome. I wanted to take her home with me. In fact, I wanted to take the whole spa home with me. I wish we had one like this at home. Thanks gals, I can't wait to come again and use more of your services.
October 13, 2008
Great atmosphere
I loved my experience at Plaza 101 and will definitely return. I used a wide array of services.... manicure, massage and salon. They were able to squeeze me in their busy schedule for an updo for a very special occasion. The staff was very attentive!
October 10, 2008
Wonderful Experience
I went to Plaza 101 for a pedicure and manicure! The atmosphere is classy and modern while quiet and relaxing. The pedicure chairs are very comfortable. Robin gave me the pedicure and manicure and both looked wonderful and lasted for a good amount of time. Most importantly, I always feel welcome there! Thanks for a positive experience!
August 29, 2008
The best wedding party
I had the best experience with a full massage,manicure and pedicure!!! For the wedding we all looked beautiful and I got many compliments...I have returned and will continue doing so every 2 weeks for my most extraordianry services!! THANK YOU PLAZA 101.
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