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2150 West 95th Street,
Chicago, IL 60643
United States
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Customer Reviews for Veola's Day Spa & Wellness (3)

January 9, 2012
I came, I saw, never again, no more!
I came here as a birthday present for myself and for a day of pampering before the birth of my first child. I had never been to Veola's before and I figure this was an opportune time to patronize a business whose owner looks like me. When I first walked in I was met with a very friendly receptionist who tried to make me comfortable (as comfortable as a 9 month pregnant woman can be). However the atmosphere should have told me to leave. I am a spa goer. I visit the spa at least once a quarter so I have plenty experience to base an informed opinion on. This place is cluttered with everything you can think of. Many spas make a portion of their money on retail sales. I expect that. However I don't expect to be sold everything from facial cream to dresses, to sun bleached nail polish. I go back to start my services (a facial and a pregnancy massage). I'm used to being led to the quiet room where you put your things away in the locker so that you can unplug from the world and free your mind of all things and get into relaxation mode. Didn't happen here. I was led directly into the room where my service was going to be performed. Was given a towel to put on top of my clothes (this was demonstrated to me by the friendly receptionist as she put the towel on top of her clothes), but chose not to use it. What can I say about the facial.......I could have done it myself. When she was in the room she talked the entire time. I learned more about her family members then I ever wanted to know or that I'm sure either of them wanted me to know. When she wasn't talking she was out of the room. She was gone so long, I pulled out my cell phone and started texting people. I've had many a facial and never have I had someone talk through the service or leave the room as often and as long as she did. There was nothing relaxing about it. I was asked did I go to spas often and I admitted yes and even said where I frequent. Because they weren't of the same hue, she had nothing but negative things to say. Wow Really? All during my facial. After it was over I was relieved and was so ready to go. I started to call my favorite place to make an appointment right then but I was trying to keep an open mind, hoping the massage would be better. My massage was good. My technician understood what it was like to be at the end of a pregnancy and she truly made me feel comfortable and her massage was fabulous! Again the atmosphere was not. The upstairs was a bit dark and the decor dated. There was a not so pleasant fragrance that I would rather not have experienced. This was my first, Last, and ONLY experience at this location. Since then I have continued to frequent my favorite downtown spot that makes me feel how I expect to feel when I go to a spa. Clear the clutter, update the decor and improve on some of the customer service and this place could truly compete with the downtown spas. They already charge like they do, now they just need to provide the "feeling" they do as well.
January 4, 2012
Never Again!
I will never visit this spa again. It was not very clean, had an unpleasant order, and the owner was very rude to us when she found out we had gift cards. The nail tech, the massage therapist, and the hair stylist were great, but the overall appearance, of the spa (very dated) and the disposition of the owner is drives my discontent.
March 31, 2010
Staff Member Altis
I have been seeing Altis now for two years, and I have enjoyed every massage she has provided. Altis was referred to me by my mother, and I can't stop going to Veola's and allowing Altis to give me the hot stones, or a deep tissue massage at least once a month. She is Great!
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