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Located in Marietta, Georgia, Invigo Day Spa wants to provide clients with a relaxing and tranquil setting at their 2,250-square-foot facility. The spa has five massage and body treatment rooms, two facial rooms, a large quiet room with plush sofas and recliners to melt into, two full restrooms with walk-in showers, and a large lobby area. Services include massage, facials, body polishes and wraps, hand and foot treatments, lash and brow tinting and waxing. Clients can also indulge in luxurious treatments such as a caviar facial or the Papaya-Pineapple Crème Fraiche wrap, which incorporates Crème Fraiche natural butter and the scents of vanilla and tropical fruits. Packages are offered and the spa provides complimentary water, fruit-infused flavored water, wine, champagne, hot tea and hot chocolate.  Snacks are also available upon request.

Invigo Day Spa

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Invigo Day Spa
2550 Sandy Plains Road, Suite 125
Marietta, GA 30066
United States
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Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
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(678) 905-7377

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Customer Reviews for Invigo Day Spa (19)

Regina R
May 15, 2013
Soooooo relaxing!
I've been going to Invigo for years. I have always been treated kindly and my services are fantastic (usually a Swedish massage and facial) I do have to book a few weeks in advance to get in with Diane, but that's no big deal. I also like that they let me hang out a few minutes after my massage and relax with a cup of water or tea.
Response from Invigo Day Spa
Thank you so much for your patronage of Invigo Day Spa! Just to let you know, we also have showers for you to use (before and/or after your massage), as well as wine to drink if you have the desire for something stronger! We look forward to seeing you again!
April 11, 2013
Very Comfortable and Professional
I visited Invigo for the first time yesterday and from the moment I walked in, I felt comfortable. I was greeted warmly and introduced to my masseuse, offered a variety of drinks then escorted back to the quiet, private room. My masseuse, Diane, asked the right questions and applied the perfect pressure throughout the massage. She would quietly ask if her pressure was okay at certain times, as I'd indicated specific pains I'd been having in specific areas. It was an excellent experience. I'll certainly return to Invigo.
March 23, 2013
Spa Experience
My daughters gave me a spafinder gift certification for Christmas, but I had no idea what or where a day spa was in the area. I did some research and went to Invigo just to see it was like. I booked a massage and facial for a Friday afternoon. I had the most amazing experience. The massage therapist (Sam) was excellent for the entire one hour massage. The warm towels were an added luxury that hit the spot. Emily did my facial and I had never had one before. This was an experience in itself with exfoliating, a mini shoulder, hand and feet massage with warming mitts. She discussed my skin and skin care. I ended up leaving the spa feeling the best I had felt ever and the great feeling has stayed with me into the next day. I would highly recommend this day spa and they have a variety of options along with a monthly membership which I signed up for. The people were friendly, but not overly chatty and the quiet room was delightful. Cheers!
September 21, 2012
Very disappointed
I received several SpaFinder gift cards for my birthday so I was excited to book a one hour massage and try out Invigo Day Spa. All of the reviews indicated I would have a terrific experience. Alas, that was not the case. Upon my arrival, I was greeted warmly and introduced to my masseuse. I was escorted back to the massage room but not offered a steam, a Swedish shower or anything of the sort which is a bit cheap in my opinion. Once the massage began, I could not relax because apparently the room I was in shared a wall with the employee breakroom and for the entire hour I was there, several employees yakked and hollered and at one point even sounded like they were arguing with each other. Also, about half way through the massage, someone just bursts through the door without knocking or apologizing which was appalling based on the very respectful environments I have experienced at other well-established spas. I would not recommend this spa to anyone.
Response from Invigo Day Spa
Lori - I greatly apologize for your disappointing service with us. I was a bit shocked to read some of these things because it was the first I have heard of these complaints. Unfortunately we do not have any type of sauna or steam room available so that is why you were not offered that upon arrival. We do offer the use of our showers which are free of charge and we have all the necessary shower necessities available as well, but we have find that clients normally ask to use them if they are interested. However, we will definitely begin to make all our clients aware of our showers from now on. I apologize for the noise in that room that does share a wall with our employee break area. We are aware of this situation and have installed fans to help circulate the air as well as drown out any white noise. As far as someone walking in, I do apologize for that, perhaps it was a client thinking they had the wrong room, I am not sure. Your therapist should have said something, but perhaps thought you were asleep and didn't notice it and didn't want to draw attention to it. I am not sure, but this will definitely be addressed in our next meeting. I would love to have you come in and try us out again so we can hopefully earn your business back. Please contact me directly so I can book your complimentary appointment on us. -- Niki Moffa (Owner) 678-905-7377
July 5, 2012
Affordable as well as enjoyable!
I've been here three times now and each time gets better and better. The receptionist is always very polite and makes sure I am comfortable before letting me sit in the "quiet room." The massages always leave me refreshed, but not just when I leave but the next day as well. Other places I've gone had the kinks in my back come back the next day, but not here. The facials are also excellent, I love the choice of aromatherapy that they provide to make the face pillow more relaxing. They really have great service and I recommend them for anyone in the area!
April 6, 2012
Excellent for waxing
I love that they use the soy 'wax' which only attaches to dead skin cells and hair so it's not near as painful as a traditional wax. They are very thorough, friendly and professional.
January 27, 2012
Great Spa!! I will be back
I will be a returning customer!! I was greeted at the front door by a friendly face and asked what aroma therapy I would like and they had a variety from herbal, floral and citrus. I was served a glass of water or tea (my preference) and when the room was ready I was asked by my massage therapist what areas are causing the most difficulty for me. During the massage I was asked if the pressure was too deep or not deep enough at least twice to ensure I was comfortable. The therapist was professional and detailed. I felt extremely relaxed and happy through the whole process. In my experience I was in the room closest to the door and did not hear any out door noises to distract from the relaxation process. The sheets were soft and the table comfortable. I was asked if I would like to utilize the shower at the end of the massage and the therapist went to start the shower for me (who can turn down a hot shower after a massage?). When the therapist returned she had disposable shoes and a bag to carry my personal belongings in to the shower room. The shower was nice and relaxing, loads of hot water and the towels were so soft and fluffy! A very relaxing quiet day for me. I felt like I was in the best of hands!! Thanks!
January 18, 2012
Waste of time!
My husband I scheduled massages- he a sports massage, myself a sweddish. He was very disappointing! My husband said his massuse (female) had such a light touch even after repeated requests for deeper massage pressure. Lack of attention to detail - no robe or invitation to shower; not even a towel to rub off excess oil . Mine was just as bad - massage itself ok-did get a towel to wipe off excess oil- seemed like a beginner-music in room barely audible didn't cover the massuse 's heavy breathing or his stomach growling noises. Treatment room closest to front door of spa which resulted in me hearing the door chime as patrons arrived or left; cars with booming radios in parking lot for a good portion of my massage was soooooooo not relaxing as well as hearing receptionist constant talking to fellow workers . BAD EXPERIENCE- Waste on our day off! GO ELSEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!
Response from Invigo Day Spa
Amy, I do apologize for the fact that you and your husband did not have a good visit with us. I would appreciate you contacting me directly so I can find out whom you had your services with so that I can directly speak to the individual/s. We do have robes and showers available but typically clients do not change into them unless they are having numerous services. Showers are always available, free of charge, and we have all shower and hair accessories as well, but typically clients ask to use the showers if they are interested. We have started to notify and ask clients if they would like to use them proactively. You both should have received towels to wipe off any oil and it is always discussed in our meetings to do so, but again I would really appreciate knowing specifically which employee was not at 100%. As far as the noise, we do our best to keep our talking at "spa voice" level, but we do not have sound proof rooms unfortunately. We have added fans in each room to help with white noise and circulation as well as the music in each room has it's own volume control, so if you ask your therapist they can gladly increase or decrease the music volume. I would greatly appreciate you contacting me directly as well as offering you a complimentary couples service with us to hopefully win back your business. We do strive for excellent service but are aware that at very few times we might not make that mark, so contacting the spa directly is the best way to make sure that these oversights get taken care of promptly and that we can do our very best to give you a great service. Thank you. - Niki Moffa (Owner) 678-905-7377
May 18, 2011
LIke Heaven
Booked a girls day at the spa with two of my friends and our expectations were met and exceeded. Staff was friendly and the atmosphere was so relaxing. My deep tissue massage was excellent! I would definitely recommend Invigo if you want a great spa at a great price!
Sarah B
October 28, 2010
The Perfect Gift!!
Some family friends of mine recently lost a loved one. I had been friends of the family for years and years, and after putting together a funeral, and all the stress grieving puts on the body I wanted to do something to show them my support and sympathy. I didn't bring a casserole, I brought them to Invigo Day Spa. It was exactly what they needed, some herbal tea, relaxing atmosphere, and a fantastic massage! I was so happy with the way all the staff (therapists, and front desk) catered to us, and really helped my friends relax! I will defiantly be back, and I know they will too!
August 23, 2010
Great spa!
I decided to try this spa since it was next to the gym I work out at. I'm happy to say that I found a massage place that I can call home. I had an awesome massage and would have paid anything they told me, but it was a bargain. Way above average massage quality, but with below average price! You can't go wrong.
March 16, 2010
Wonderful massage
I thoroughly enjoyed the massage I received. I would definitely visit again.
March 15, 2010
A Very Enjoyable Experience!
I really enjoyed my time at the Invigo Day Spa. The atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing. The staff were very friendly and professional. I was suffering from dry/peeling skin and decided to have the Essential Cleansing Facial .They use excellent products that left my skin feeling and looking soft and hydrated. This is a quality spa with excellent service. Just give it try!
December 14, 2009
Worth the trip
I live about 20 miles away from Invigo Spa, but I think it's worth the drive. I have been getting my legs waxed off and on for years now and I have never been more pleased than I was with their services. My legs are usually red and bumpy for a day or two after getting waxed. Here, not only did Misha do a great job removing all the hair (she barely had to use the tweasers), but my legs weren't irritated at all. I don't typically describe waxing as a wonderful experience, but after going to Invigo I don't plan on going anywhere else.
October 20, 2009
In 3.5 years in Atlanta, I can honestly say this is the most professional service I have found. When they say 60 minutes of massage, they mean it. I've been to over 30 different spas and most of them will short change you up to 15 minutes or more. At Invigo, they never give you less than what you pay for and every staff I have with have been the greatest!! Massages: Ask for Paul [He works Tuesdays & Saturdays]!! You won't regret it!! J. Smith [very happy customer]
Tracy B
October 12, 2009
A great place to relax
I really enjoyed my experience at Invigo. Any time you can nearly fall asleep during a facial should just about say it all. :-) I also had a hand, feet, and head massage that was wonderful. There was a small scheduling issue where I had to wait about 15 minutes between my services. While I would normally have been a little annoyed about that, the staff was so apologetic and courteous that it really wasn't an issue. I think they may have even extended my second service -- perhaps to compensate for the short wait -- but that was never mentioned. All in all a really nice experience you should try out for yourself!
August 18, 2009
From the moment I walked in they gave me their full attention. She took me to the quiet room and offered me some water. The atmosphere was so relaxing and inviting. The massage itself was wonderful. He even placed hot towels on my feet toward the end of the massage, which felt amazing. Most places only give you 45 minutes of actual massage time for your 1 hour massage. You get a full 60 minutes of massage here! It is surprising the difference that extra 15 minutes makes. I Highly recommend going here!
July 27, 2009
Just what I needed
I really enjoyed this spa. I rec'd a gift card and found this spa near my home. The staff was incredibly helpful and service-focused, my treatment was professional and spot-on, the value was very good. I look forward to returning. Thanks!
March 1, 2009
Best service experience ever!
I visited this spa first becuase it was the closest to me and I had a spa finder gift card. However, I was thrilled with the service, both customer and spa service I got. On this visit, I had just a 1 hour massage and it was fantastic. But the real treat is that everyone there treated me like royalty from start to finish. It was a very comfortable spa, not stuck up or snobby. Since then, I have gone back for a mani/pedi and a facial too. Everyone I've been with has been super professional and very good at what they do. For me to leave a review, they had to have been.
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