Studio 6 Salon & Spa

Studio 6 Salon & Spa

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3318 North Highway 67,
Florissant, MO 63033
United States
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Hours of Operation
Mon: 10am  -  8pm Tues: 10am  -  8pm Wed: 10am  -  8pm Thu: 9am  -  8pm Fri: 10am  -  8pm Sat: 8am  -  6pm Sun: 11am  -  6pm
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Customer Reviews for Studio 6 Salon & Spa (6)

January 18, 2012
Relaxing Spa
I'm on a budget and time is money too. That's why I like Studio 6. The prices are very reasonable and they offer specials and promotions frequently. I like that they are open on Mondays and that they have evening hours that fit my schedule. I usually visit on Monday afternoons and once I went in on a Friday at 5p. They get me in and out in around 2 hours or less even when I get a relaxer. They have free wifi so I can get some work done while I'm under the dryer. The stylists are pleasant and skilled and the salon has a peaceful environment.
December 13, 2010
You couldn't pay me to return
This place can not even be considered a spa. The inside is so run down and nasty. I recieved a manicure and pedicure and it was a horrible experience. I was grossed out to sit in the pedicure chair and put my feet in the tub. I only stayed because I had recieved a girft card to this place. It took the lady two and a half hours to do a maniure and pedicure and it was the worst one I had ever recieved. She didn't even put lotion on my hands, she pretty much just painted them. There were cobb webs in the corners of the ceiling, peeling up floor(that was so old and gross), wall paper peeling off and the room was just dirty. The bathroom was gross. No one should ever go there and waste money and time. I will drive an hour away before I would ever return there. A spa is suppossed to be tranquil and serene and this place was none of that, not even close!
November 20, 2010
Horrible Experience
I received some spa finder gift cert from work, so I found a spa in the area Studio 6. I took my mother with me for a day at the spa. When we got there it was in an old run down building, looked like an ancient beauty school. So we went in to get our hair done. I am not a natural blonde but I put blonde in my hair through foils. I told the girl what I wanted and she seemed to know what I was talking about and turned my chair away from the mirror. She started working and I was sitting there waiting for my hair to color my mother looks at me and say's omg your hair is orange, the lady noticed it and took me to wash out the chemical, then she put another chemical in my hair to strip it, didn't work. I went to the owner and complained about my hair and no one seemed to have time to fix it. To top that off she kept telling my hair wasn't orange. (Which I have pics it was carrot). Then they tried to charge me for the girl trying to fix her mistake by stripping my hair. It was HORRIBLE. I don't advise anyone to go to this salon. They kept coming up with all these extra charges to try and take up my whole gift card. Not only did the mess my hair up they tried to charge me extra for it.
May 21, 2010
Excellent Experience, May 21, 2010
I really enjoyed the relaxing experience i had at Studio 6 spa. I had never been to a day spa before but my kids bought me a spa finders gift card for mothers day. The facility was clean and the staff was very professional and personalble made me feel comtable. I will definitely be including this spa in my future plans for stress relief. thank you studio 6 for being such a great business in my area. I will also highly recommend studio 6 to my friends and family.
April 23, 2010
Very Satisfied Customer
I have been going to Studio 6 for at least 5 years and have always been pleased with my services. I'm a business owner and I am always on the go. So I love that they offer a variety of services that I can get done while I am there. I love how I can make an appointment and receive an email confirmation to remind me about it. The atomosphere is always very welcoming and friendly. They also offer Wi-Fi Connection for laptop computers. Studio 6 Spa and Salon is definitely keeping up with the needs of their Clients.
October 12, 2009
Repeat Customer
I have been to this spa a few times so far. I will continue to use Studio 6 as my regular spa. They have really great deals and tons of services. On my second visit I brought some visiting friends in for their services. We used their hair style, massage, and pedicure services. It was great fun and very economical for our budgets. Thanks Studio 6! I will be asking Santa for gift certificates this Christmas!
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