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Massage Envy - Closter

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117 Vervalen Street,
Closter, NJ 07624
United States
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Customer Reviews for Massage Envy - Closter (5)

Tom G
August 25, 2013
Horrible Massage for a member
They will book you with a "better" massage therapist on your first visit, but once they push you into becoming a member and signing a year contract (which I should have NEVER done) they will book you with just about anyone and will give the better therapist to new guests. What a scam. I'm still locked into this franchises membership. Big mistake!
September 29, 2011
Horible Facial
I have received a horrible facial at this spa.The aesthetician show no skill ,no confidence.Later somebody explain to me haw works with Massage Envy.They work with beginners therapists sometimes not even licence in order to pay them less A experience therapist does not stick with them long .Your first visit is booked with a better esthetician or massage therapist in order to make you sign up for a member-sheep,then you will never be booked with that therapist.
July 14, 2011
A bad massage ruins your day
I have been going to see a very good massage therapist by the name of Fanny. She wasn't working today and I needed a massage so I went with someone else. She was horrible! Her nails were too long so when she was attempting to give me a deep tissue massage I felt her nails the entire time (short nails are the first thing they teach you in school). She was all over the place..had NO idea what she was doing. I don't know about you but the constant sound of a massage therapist clearing her throat isn't relaxing! I'm guessing she just graduated and still needs time to learn techniques but I didn't go there and pay good money for someone to practice on me. Went for a an hour and a half and I refused to stay for even an hour she was so bad. If you do HAVE to go here see Fanny. Cause to me it just seems like they hire just about anyone!
January 12, 2010
Can't beat it!
I had a great experience here..I also read the last review...she is a little off base. I've been getting Massage Sessions for over 3 decades now. The one hour time line has always included a pre session talk and time at the end of the session to get up and and get changed, no matter where you go.... stop watching the clock and enjoy!
Anne G
December 2, 2009
Massage Envy is a franchise and they try to get you to sign up for massages telling you they are one hour, when in fact they are only 50 minutes. I'm not just talking about this branch but the other 4 I have visited also. If you are a member, NJ charges $49 for 50 minutes while in Florida the massages are $39. The best massage I ever had was from the Massage Envy in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The ones in NJ are OK. One of the girls in Westwood was really nasty and I won't go back. Closter was OK. In the end the membership is not worth it because you are only paying for 50 minutes.
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