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Customer Reviews for Beauty-Full Spa (11)

April 22, 2014
Get a real Brazilian wax some where else
Had real high hopes for Beauty Full Spa but was quite disappointed with the service. They are very nice ppl but that doesn't make up for the poor waxing job I received. I bought a Groupon for $25 the value of it is $40 the original price for a Brazilian wax at Beauty Full Spa witch is a pretty good price compared to a lot of other places. In the past at every place that I have gotten a Brazilian wax at and that's with or with out a Groupon I have had a proper full Brazilian wax meaning EVERYTHING from the FRONT and BACK was waxed no hair left for me to try and take out when I got home. Unfortunately there was a little bit of hair left and the back was not waxed at all because the lady said it would be a extra charge of $10-$15 dollars. Out of all the times I've gotten a wax and that's with or without a Groupon I have never been asked to pay extra for what's required when getting a Brazilian wax. I wish they would have told me this before I got the service done and I wish I would have known this before I bought the Groupon because I would have just spent the money to travel to a Salon location in down town Toronto to get my Brazillian done properly. I won't be returning to Beauty Full Spa because of this.
November 23, 2012
I like this place
I went to Beauty-Full Spa for a 1 Hr massage and really found the inside interesting. It wasn't like the pictures on Spa Finders' web site as they have recently renovated the inside. Very calming and relaxing colour combinations. The massage was excellent and I also did some sort of therapy lamp for 30 minutes. Really helped out my lower back. Will be a regular, like the people and their skill set.
October 18, 2012
Not Impressed
I was not impressed by location, my sister-in-law and I decided to check out their services and drove by the place because it's a house and we were not expecting that. When we walked in, there was a lady there, Xiao Quin Sun and I requested an RMT. Her accent was terrible and she asked me if I wanted some sort of heat lamp on me which they charge for but she was going to let me try it for free. Then during the massage, she asked me something but I didn't really understand. When it came time to pay, I was surprised about an extra $30 charge for the lamp (which was about 10 minutes or so over my lower back) apparently, she "asked" me if she should keep it on neglecting to mention that it would be a $30 charge so the $85 massage turned out to be $115 plus taxes. My sister-in-law who went in for a waxing told me that she was the only person there at that time and she sat there waiting for an hour while I was getting my massage. It was a horrible experience and we would not be returning there.
Response from Beauty-Full Spa
The only way for a company to grow is to listen to criticism and make the necessary adjustments to improve the circumstances for the returning and future clients. To this end we are thankful for the comments made by Diana K. however, felt that some of the inaccuracies needed to be addressed in her statement as follows: 1) There is not much I can say about our location being in a commercially zoned house, as in Pickering this is very common for not only many of our competitors but numerous other businesses to be located in commercially zoned houses. Immediately to our north is a Doctor’s Office & Blood Lab. (45+ years), to the south a Dental Office (40+ years) and Hair Salon (25+ years) all of us in commercial houses. The City of Pickering considers this area the gateway to the City’s boardwalk on Lake Ontario; 2) In regards to the comment regarding the “terrible accent”, the employee in question is Chinese with English being her second language, something most of us come across every day of our lives in the GTA. That stated her English is very good for someone who has been in Canada for a very short time, so I am not sure why the unnecessary put down. 3) In regards to the staffing issue, we staff based on appointments as we are a drive to location. On September 11, 2012, the date in question we were very busy in the morning with a staff of four. By 2:15 two of our part timers left for the day, when Diana K. and her sister-in-law walked in without an appointment. It would appear by Diana K.’s lack of comment the massage must have been satisfactory as this was not included in her negative comments. Her sister-in-law was looking for an eyebrow shaping and had this done while Diana was getting dressed after her massage. It was made clear to her that there was only one person working to perform both the massage and waxing, so I think the waiting one hour for waxing comment is a little overdone; 4) In regards to the therapist not explaining in detail the benefits of the 30 minute (not 10 minute) Far Infrared Mineral Therapy lamp (FIM), this was most likely accurate. Explained properly it can take 10 minutes alone and who wants to learn something new when in a relaxation mode. During a message, the FIM is turned on over the area that hurts the most and only once permission is given. The free trial period is 5 minutes and at the end of this period the therapist will ask the client if they would like to have more time using the FIM. If yes, then it is left on for an additional 25-30 minutes and at check out the fee is $30 for the FIM and if No, it is turned off at no charge. We do have the information explained in detail both on our web site under Massage and in a client take away. In closing we would like to thank Diana K. for bringing the lack of communication to our attention and as of today we have added an explanation as to what the FIM Lamp is and that there is an additional charge payable at the end of the session. This description is now on the back of every Massage History Form and posted in the massage treatment rooms. In appreciation for bringing this matter to our attention we have sent Diana K. a $30 thank you gift certificate. We would have responded much earlier, however, just found her comments on the Spa Finder web site during some standard electronic house keeping issues. Paul Avis, Manager.
June 24, 2011
Mole Removal Safe and No Scarring, very impressed
I recently visited a plastic surgeon to enquire about having a few moles removed from my face. She informed the procedure was simple however, I could expect a few stitches and most likely a few scars and to add to the misery I was asked to pay him $850! Then I discovered the skilled people at Beauty-Full Spa who not only did the work for less than half the costs the surgeon had quoted me, but they did it without creating any scars. That's right, my family and friends keep asking me if I have a new haircut or did I change the colour of my hair. I feel fantastic and my self-esteem and self-confidence has gone up 100% now that my two little attention pigs have vacated my face. Lastly I got to use my $100 Spa Finder Card to help pay the removal fee ... can you beat that Dr. Stitch? Tony M.
December 18, 2010
A much appreciated experience
I have visited the Beauty-Full Spa several times and have only positive things to say about my experience there. The staff is professional and accommodating. The rooms in the facility are clean and the soft music sets a calming atmosphere. I enjoyed a truly relaxing massage and the infrared sauna left me feeling renewed and revitalized. I had a skin analysis done and received a soothing facial. Recently, I was there to have two moles non-surgically removed and while I was waiting for the topical to take, the asthetician gave me a manicure and pedicure. During the procedure to remove my moles I felt some discomfort. However, I am very pleased with the results. I am definitely going to be returning to this spa.
November 9, 2010
Very pleased.
It is amazing the number of services this Spa offers and they seem to be able to deliver on all of them. I have used them for laser tattoo removal, skin lightening, deep cleansing facials and massages. My insurance company accepts their relaxation massage receipts, however, it my policy changes they also have a registered massage therapist. I enjoy going to the spa as it spells great and is always clean, unlike many of the spas in the area.
November 6, 2010
Count me in as a regular.
About six months ago my son gave me $100 SpaFinder gift card. At the time I put it aside for something special and yesterday I used it at Beauty-Full Spa to offset the cost of my special afternoon get away. I purchased a spa package that gave me eyelash extensions, a deep cleansing facial and one hour massage. Well let me tell you, the massage was to die for, my eyes look fantastic as my lashes were previously very short and the face is still glowing. Your SpaFinder gift cards will be well invested at this spa as they really care about the quality of their services and products. I will be back!
October 22, 2010
31 Readers Choice Awards, I know why!
These guys have only been in business for six years and have on their wall 26 Readers' Choice Awards. They also said that they just received another 6 Readers' Choice Awards this year. I got the best massage I have ever had here. I was in a car accident years ago and have a bad back and well, it was great. Check this place out and thank you SpaFinder for letting me know that such an excellent place exists at my door step in Pickering. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly. I have already booked by next appt.
September 18, 2010
The coolest toes :D
The people working are superrrr nice! This girl did my feet with a design that was sooo SWEET! :) I have cool toes! :) And the guy who just does the tattoo removal and that stuff did a face reading on me before I left. He was sooo dead on, it was pretty crazy. lol
September 16, 2010
I love this place
I have gone for them for mole and tattoo removal, facials, diamond peels and massages. I read the review by Linda B. and feel that she must be confused as their work is excellent. She must have been there all day to give the review she did as how could she come to this conclusion in just a short time of doing a pedi and mani. I go back here all the time.
July 15, 2010
Not really a "spa"
The spa itself is not luxurious by any means. It's a large space that has small rooms for services such as waxing etc. Their main focus seams to be tattoo removal and there were clients from all walks of life wandering in and out. Not the relaxing atmosphere I had hoped for! The pedicure was ok, not as good as the cheaper nail salons and the polish job was not great. My toe nails were cut too short! OUCH. My manicure was ok, again not as good as no name nail places. The girl was nice enough but not really an expert. Overall I would say go for it if you are in desperate need of a mani- pedi otherwise make the trip to an actual spa.
Response from Beauty-Full Spa
It is unfortunate that this guest finds herself living in Canada where many diverse cultures co-exist. Her comments appear to reflect that she was here for much longer than the one and half hours that she was our guest. During this time a couple from India came in to enquire about laser tattoo removal; a person originally hailing from Jamaica was in for a free weight loss consultation; and a couple for an ION cleanse. By the guest's comments one is lead to think that during her time here several dozen people must have come in. Due to our location we are a travel to destination point meaning that most people travel here by car or GO Train/Bus. Tattoo and mole/skin tag removal are part of our service offering, however, we offer so much more including Eyelash Extentions, Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion, the Ideal Protein Diet, Massage, Laser Hair Removal, Lymphatic Drainage, Ear Candling, Skin Lighting, Facials, and Waxing. One positive thing that we did take to heart and have changed is our ION Cleanse are no longer performed in the same room if someone is doing a pedicure. This was an oversight on our behalf and has been corrected and I wish to thank our guest for drawing this matter to our attention. In regards to the person who looked after her Pedicure she is very experienced having done several thousand Pedicures so I guess she may have been having a bad day or was a little tired as it was late in the day. We strive to make every service perfect, but we are human and do appreciate the guest's comments as we can only improve when our guests are honest with us. For this we are thankful!
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