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Forever Young Sports Spa

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836 Ave of the Americas 5th floor, SIDE Entrance 29st
New York City, NY 10001
United States
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Customer Reviews for Forever Young Sports Spa (8)

January 29, 2012
Decent, but nothing special
Overall the experience was adequate, but didn't stand out enough to go back again
David G
October 23, 2011
Massage appointment
I am an athlete and I was referred by a friend and scheduled a massage appointment for myself and my wife. The massage was amazing and the therapist was extremely effective, professional and friendly, but there was one staff member that I did not care for. We scheduled an appointment for a couples massage, but only one therapist was available. I needed the massage more than my wife did so she sacrificed her massage so that I could feel better. The staff member wasn't genuine, neither was she a good liar because she wanted to inconvenience us by having us wait for the other therapist to probably show up. I couldn't believe how unprofessional she behaved after the massage was over. She was so aggressive in trying to have us return to sign up for other services or purchase a package. So greedy and inconsiderate of her. I would think she would let us make that decision for ourselves after disappointing us. I would love to schedule another appointment with the therapist but unfortunately my wife and I do not have her contact information. I would not patronize this establishment ever again!
January 31, 2011
An off day maybe?... Hmmm...
This place offer great package deals however I cant really say that I enjoyed the one I chose. I dont know if it was just an off day for the person dealing with me, but I did find them to carry on with a bit of an tude' (attitude that is). And when servicing me, it was very rough. Even when I let them know that, they still were a bit heavy handed with me. Perhaps they needed to go home and get out some of that aggression themselves before helping me to relieve some of mine. Geez... My friend thinks this place is awesome and told me I have to give it a second shot. I dont know... I am scared the next time round' they are going to take me into the torture chamber and pull out the nipple clamps and such likings... A little to orough for my taste...
January 8, 2011
Simply the best !
I recently receved a gift certificate to this place as a cristmas gift. It is an in-home massage servie and lt me tell you, they are he best ! I called to validate my certificate and they were very accomidating. The therapist Bernard (DOC) showed up early which was nice. He set up his table, lit some candles and the relaxation began. I ende up purchasing a12 pk of massages for a good price. I highly recommend this place. They are god at what they do.
September 29, 2010
Absolutly loved it!
My best friend bought me a certificate to Forever Young Sport Spa for my birthday and it was the best. Their studio spa is located a few blocks from my school, so I was already loving the convenience factor. The lady that did my massage was so sweet and attentive. Before we started I told her not too rough, and I didn't even have remind her like I've had to do at many other places. This spa is an A+ in my book and I would definitely go back!
June 8, 2010
Simply the best.
I purchased a massage for my husband, and a prenatal massage for myself. I called the day before my requested appointment time. I was so delighted with this companies ability to quickly confirm my appointment and provide me with a well experienced therapists. Andrea and Charlotte were devine, punctual, detailed and friendly. Once I deliver my child I will be very willing to purchase Pilates and Yoga with this mobile sports spa. This service is great for busy people who never put themselves first.
January 26, 2010
Miguel is the best !
I was excited to hear that this spa services individuals in the privacy of their own home. I am always on the run, never taking time out of my busy week to relax and reflect. I was so impressed with the skills of my therapist, Miguel that I added a Forever Young facial. I saw the difference in my skin immediately and felt totally at peace after the massage. The best massage ever!
January 13, 2010
Covenience and GREAT service !
Convenience is the key for someone like me who works 14 hous a day. My therapist was great, she arrived early, targeted all of my important areas, leaving my body completely restored. I would definitely recommend this spa to all of my friends.
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