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Head To Toe Day Spa

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1970 Eastwood Road, Plaza East Shopping Center
Wilmington, NC 28403
United States
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Customer Reviews for Head To Toe Day Spa (9)

August 7, 2012
Went to Barb for eyebrow, full leg, under arm and Brazilian wax. and she is by far one of the bests. She fast and efficient. This is exactly what you want from your waxer. No one can ever say waxing is fun or relaxing but I love the results. Barb was thorough and professional. I would certainly recommend her to any one for any type of waxing. I would have given 5 stars but the front of the spa was a bit crowded. They have a lot of products in a small space. The front desk is friendly and welcoming but understaffed at times. You can have people trying to check out and check in with only one person at the desk. The service quality makes up for any delays at check in or check out.
October 7, 2011
expectations with respect to the facial have been highly exceeded.
I really appreciated how my esthetician, Marla took her time in explaining each step of the facial. The music was really soothing. So what the room is small and my long body fits the entire length of the bed! I enjoyed the moment and suck up all the pampering I can get! My expectations with respect to the facial have been highly exceeded. Marla knows what she's doing, and she's been doing this for around 10years. She was able to tell that my skin was congested and dehydrated, and she correctly surmised my caffeine addiction as she felt the puffiness around my eyes. The deluxe facial involves cleansing, a little exfoliating, some facial massage, some extractions (it's not an extraction bonanza, but it fulfills my needs. I'm sure if you want heavy-duty, you can get it, and it may cost you), and for the finale, a mask and a moisturizer application. I'm thrilled with my experience so far.
May 13, 2011
Barb does a wonderful job
My wife and I go there fairly often and we always go to Barb - She is extremely good and knows her biz! I have been going there for over 6 years and by far she's the best.
May 13, 2011
My happy Skin! Head To Toe is the place to GO
Great Facial My skin has really been acting up recently. So I started seeing Marla, who is knowledgeable. She gave me recommendations for my skin. Some products that she thought were better for my skin then what I was using " Oil of Olay" I look and feel much better. A friend of mine was telling me she thought Marla was the best bikini waxer she had ever tried, I will get the courage and try that too. Thanks Wendy. Also, great place if you are feeling stressed If you are feeling stressed out I highly recommend this place. I have been there many times and have never had a bad experience. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable.
January 17, 2011
Best Wax in Wilmington NC
The first time I went to Marla, it was because the place I usually frequented for waxing was closed. I never would have guessed that the Head to toe day spa would soon become one of my over-all favorite places in Wilmington! It offers better prices, a convenient location, and excellent service that includes the best Brazilian wax in the area. The atmosphere is comfortable but professional and very clean. Marla is a fabulous esthetician. Honestly, going to see her is one of the only things I do consistently every four to five weeks. Gotta love the maintenance program. I have referred many of my good friends to her, and each one of them won't go to anyone else. She also carries great skin care products for your entire body. Treat yourself and check out the Head to toe You won't regret it!!
October 24, 2010
Great haircut
I enjoyed the layered haircut that I received a few weeks ago. The staff is very friendly for the most part and I had a good experience upon leaving. It is located near Lumina Station, but not inside of it. It is right past it in the adjacent shopping center (I just wanted to throw that in there because my GPS took me to the wrong place!).
August 27, 2010
Excellent Deep Tissue Massage
Being someone who is on the road a lot for work, and who often has to lift heavy objects, I get a lot of "knots" and stiffness. The deep tissue massage I received as a gift certificate from my wife was great, and relieved a lot of the aches and pains. I certainly recommend it.
August 7, 2010
Deluxe Facial Microcurrent with Marla
I had heard about this " micro current" machine from a neighboor. She had 5 treatments and her skin is looking amazing! I was a bit of a skeptic, but decided to call and make an appt with Marla. She was very professional as well as fun to talk with. I love the way my skin looks and I have to admit..its getting better!!!!
May 13, 2007
Very pleasant surprise
As a visitor from Washington DC I have to say I was a little snobby about my expectations in Wilmington. This massage, given by Jessie, was the best swedish massage I have ever had. The entire staff was warm and welcoming, and Jessie gave a relaxing massage, using hot towels on my hands, feet and neck. My other 3 friends had similar experiences and we all left feeling great. I would recommend this spa to anyone for anything, and if I ever become rich and famous, I would ask Jessie to join my entourage.
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