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Colorado Wellness Spa

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422 East Vermijo Street, Ste 410,
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
United States
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Customer Reviews for Colorado Wellness Spa (7)

January 12, 2013
Don't waste your money...find somewhere else
My husband spent $400 on a gift cert after researching on line from his deployment in Afghanistan! Well, after my experience in making the appointment and enduring the appointment, trust me: their website does NOT represent what you get. I am a person who regularly goes for spa treatments. And while some folks may have enjoyed today, by the end I just couldn't wait to get out of there. First. The house, while some would describe as quaint, is old, run down and dirty (lights didn't work, exposed wiring, painting not done, sheets used as curtains). I had to wait a full hour for my treatment. While they did offer to reschedule, I had already waited over a month for this time. I wasn't rescheduling. Next. Pedi was nice. Massage? A little different, unremarkable, but no real problems (and high point: super comfortable massage table). Facial? Worst ever. How did this man not put moisturizer on my face? In Colorado in January? I had to ask. The bath upstairs was creepy for me. Lunch was served in a styrofoam box. They had me walk around the whole day barefoot-no slippers. In January. wth? So these are nice folks and they're trying hard. But they seriously missed the mark with me. The entire day was worth maybe $150.
March 21, 2012
My New Favorite Spa
I recieved a spa finder gift certificate for my birthday, and chose Colorado Wellness Spa. They have some bad feedback, but the website looked nice. My massage was the best I've had, ever. I've had a pain in my lower back and no one has ever figured out what was causing the pain until now. My facial, was a little rushed, but my esthetics lady was very friendly and helpful in recommending products...even one's they don't carry. I'll be back in two weeks, but I feel great. oh, it is kind of hard to get a hold of them on the phone, but it's worth waiting for the call back.
July 3, 2011
Unprofessional and Old!
I had the worst experience and I didn't even get in the door. Maybe I should be thankful! I arrived 15 minutes before my appointment time. The place looked like an old run-down house and the door was locked. I knocked and called from my cell phone but there was no answer. I waited until 5 minutes after my appointment time and called on last time. Still no answer so I left. Then the lady called me, yes 15 minutes after my appointment time and told me to come back..that she had opened the door right after I left and I was wasting her time if I did not return. Again, totally unprofessional. I will not return - ever!
Jaimie LynnM
March 15, 2011
Great time away just for me...
I had a gift card from Spa Finder that my husband had given me for my Birthday last year. The services I had were the Green Tea Body wrap, the 1/2 hr facial and the Sage Brush Massage. When I walked in the Spa smelled great, a mix of lemongrass and eucalyptus I think. I chose this spa becuase I tend to like places which are unique and cozy, off the beaten path where I will be treated as Jaimie and not as a number. This Spa is in a reverted Victorian House and has just what I like, an outdoor courtyard, various rooms and alcoves, a unique decor with a mix of modern and vintage. The staff there was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I felt I was there to relax and personally I prefer to enjoy my treatments without feeling like I have to entertain or tell my life story to my therapist or nail tech, etc. The conversation was nice, but light, allowing me to gain some much needed perspective since I really did have a rough week. The Wrap left me feeling warm and my skin was sooo soft, and the skin on my face felt fantastic! I cannot say enough about my Sage Brush Massage with Shelly, she is outstanding at finding just the right spots and pressure that I prefer. As I left, I said what I was thinking the whole time,I 'LL BE Back!
August 2, 2010
I went to the Colorado Wellness Spa because I researched it on the internet and it had decent reviews and a nice website. At first I thought there prices were a little over the top, but I had a gift certificate and it was supposed to be pampering. So I called the place and they weren't answering and I left a message. This was annoying because I expect to have the phone answered if I call a business. They called me back about an hour later and I got to make my appointment for an orange coconut bliss pedicure and a regular facial. They asked me for my credit card number to keep the appointment and said that if I miss the appointment they'd charge me the full amount. Rediculous, but I made the appointment anyway. On the day of the appointment I had a hard time finding the place. It was on Bijou, but in a normal house and not an actual business. When you walk in it smells and feels old. The atmosphere was just weird. The front desk lady said hello and asked me to sign some form. Then I was ushered into a small room to get my pedicure. I sat down and took my shoes off. The lady came in and told me to soak my feet in this tub of milky looking water. They gave me a nasty tasting fruity drink that made me feel all queezy. They also had a small selection of chocolates and wafers there for me which looked old and wasn't nicely presented. The lady started and really didn't even have a conversation with me. She just asked me the basic stuff and really seemed like she didn't want to be there. She told me to read the magazines that were on the table next to me. I felt very uncomfortable sitting there. She also was rough when she was doing the exfoliating scrub and did a horrible job on the leg massage. She forgot to scrub one of my feet (on the bottom) with this other exfoliater. I didn't bother correcting her because I was scared she'd say something nasty. She did paint my nails ok. The whole pedicure was also supposed to be 80 minutes but turned out to be only 70 minutes. I was glad that pedicure was over. Now I had to deal with the facial. So I took all my belongings and was given some cheap flip flops. I was sent upstairs. I almost fell on those teeny tiny stairs. I went to a small cold room that was semi-dark. The girl was a little more friendly. She gave me instructions to take off my top and put on a draping. I laid down on the table and she came in. She examined my face and recommended some skin care. She cleaned, massaged, scrubbed, and moisturized my face. I also got a nice mask. She also wasn't very much into having a conversation and seemed distant. I've had better facials at the Noble School of Cosmetology, and they were only students. Happy that my ordeal was finally over, I rushed to put on my clothes so that I could finally leave. I went back downstairs to pay. The front desk guy took over the previous girl that was initially there. He must have been the snobbiest person I've come across in a long time. He didn't ask me how my service was, he didn't smile, and he wasn't friendly. He told me how much my total was and he was annoyed when I gave him my gift card. He asked me if I wanted to give a tip and I gave them a decent tip which he asked if I wanted to split between the two ladies. I said yes and he took the money. That was the end of the conversation. He didn't say have a nice day or if I'd be interested in any future treatments there. This experience for me was dreadful and I would never go back there even if they paid for my treatments!
May 8, 2010
Best time in Colorado Springs
While visiting my daughter in Colorado Springs for her 20th B-day...I wanted to take her for a day of relaxation...a real "girls day". We loved every minute of our visit. Jeff (my massage therapist and esthetics person) was amazing!!! Lindsay (my not so little girl) was more than thrilled with the experience and I'm sure that she'll be a regular customer. I know that I'll be back on my next visit to Colorado.
January 22, 2008
Both relaxing & rejuvenating!
My first experience at this spa was right after my family moved here to the Colorado Springs area. Needing to take care of myself, I came in for a facial & massage, & it was absolutely what I had hoped for. The massage was both effective in working out some built up tension & it also simply allowed for me to relax. The facial & scalp massage was amazing, leaving me feeling energized & really great about myself! When I departed from the spa, I felt & looked good + happy! Thank you so much! Just a note: the atmosphere in this spa is cozy, yet different. It's not like the holistic day spas I have visited before. The building is an old Victorian house, a bit stale & quaint; but the loving, caring staff make the surroundings seem insignificant. :)
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