For Your Eyes Only Creative Hair & Salon

For Your Eyes Only Creative Hair & Salon

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12107 San Jose Blvd,
Jacksonville, FL 32223
United States
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+1(904) 262-4116

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Mon: Closed Tues: 9am  -  7pm Wed: 9am  -  7pm Thu: 9am  -  7pm Fri: 9am  -  7pm Sat: 9am  -  5pm Sun: Closed
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Customer Reviews for For Your Eyes Only Creative Hair & Salon (3)

June 26, 2014
Terrible Experience
I went in to get my hair lightened and dyed blonde. I have dark hair and I went in knowing it was going to be a bit of a process (bleaching and everything). My hair stylist was Melissa. She was just TERRIBLE. She is rude, obnoxious, and completely disinterested in what she was doing. She was constantly shouting across the room or on her phone. She was very rough with my hair and got me completely soaked (down my back, my butt, in my ears and eyes). At one point (after 4 bleaches) my head was burning and instead of taking it out, she "massages" my head by pulling it all around and causing me so much pain that my eyes were watering up. I told her I was done and I couldn't do anymore. I couldn't finish and they made me walk out with sopping wet hair full of conditioner and a shower cap on my head. My hair is orange. I still had to pay the full $90! I just wanted to get OUT OF THERE!! A very bad experience.
August 2, 2010
Would visit again!!
I went here the first time because a friend recommended the salon. I was greeted and quickly helped out when I entered. I was there for a haircut that day. The hair stylist that I was assigned was new to the floor and was kind of iffy about her work, but otherwise than that she did a great job. I would definetely recommend my friends and acquaintances.
July 31, 2009
Best Haircut EVER!
David is so fabulous, he is GREAT with curly hair and understands all the special "needs" of curls. I would highly recomend this salon.
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