Healing Hands Massage & Wellness

Healing Hands Massage & Wellness

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6849 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd , Suite B102
Atlanta, GA 30328
United States
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Mon: 10am  -  2pm Tues: 10am  -  8pm Wed: 10am  -  8pm Thu: 10am  -  8pm Fri: 10am  -  8pm Sat: 9am  -  5pm Sun: 9am  -  5pm
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Customer Reviews for Healing Hands Massage & Wellness (17)

December 20, 2012
Great place- awesome prices
I found this through Groupon and now I go once a month. The staff is young but friendly. The massages are for 50 minutes and if they have your e- mail, they send specials out all the time. Yes, the outside of the building is old, but who cares? I don't go to look at the building.
October 18, 2012
Awesome massage
I purchased an on-line Groupon for the first time not knowing what to expect, I must say that the entire experience was AWESOME. From the time I walked through the door the staff was very friendly and professional.
October 18, 2012
Great Massage
My mother and I had a spa day at this facility and had a wonderful experience. I have had many massages in my life time, I must say that this was one of the best massages I have ever had. The staff was friendly and professional, we really had a great time. I will return.
September 13, 2012
Nice place, horrible massage
I went on a coupon and was looking forward to my "deep tissue" massage. The office building itself is old and run down but inside the spa it was a nice atmosphere and the staff was friendly. The girl who gave the massage was probably high school age, she was 30 minutes late, and all she did was lather lotion on me. There was no actual massage going on. Glad it was a coupon but still wasted my money.
August 19, 2012
Awful - STAY AWAY!
I have had hundreds of massages over the years, and this was by far one of the worst. Rude service by the front desk, made me feel like I was cattle being herded through trying to rush me in - didn't even say hi. The therapist never asked any of the usual questions: have I ever had a massage before, what areas did I want focused, what kind of pressure did I like, etc. The massage itself was a 2 out of 10, no feedback was asked during the session and then she ended it 5 minutes early before the hour was done.
August 9, 2012
Will never go back
I had bought a groupon for a one-hour massage and 30-mn facial. The place was surprisingly nice, but the receptionist wasn't very friendly to say the least. No "hi" or "welcome", just "do you have an appointment?" (yes, I do). The massage lasted 40 mn and the facial 15mn, so my 90-mn treatment lasted less than an hour. The massage wasn't awful per say although the lady didn't focus on the areas I had written down on their form. It wouldn't qualify as good either. The facial on the other hand was absolutely terrible. I wonder if she even went to school for it. Even with a Groupon I will not go back to the place.
July 26, 2012
Not a Spa - Dirty and Old
I purchased the one hour massage with hand and foot treatment at $50 for a $120 value. When we were checking out, they gave us a coupon for the same treatment for $35! First of all, this is in a dirty, old office building and is not a spa environment. They've taken offices and put massage tables in them and dim lights. The wine mentioned is $3 bottles from Walmart and the white wine, mostly cheap moscato or white zinfindel are at room temperature, so they know nothing about wine. The massage was one of the poorest quality massages I've ever had. Also the hand and foot treatment was a joke. It was part of the one hour massage and lasted maybe three minutes. I would never visit this place again. The only customers we saw were Groupon customers as well. When the coupons expire, I'm sure they'll go out of business.
July 24, 2012
Worst spa experience ever
This isn't a professional spa. My massage was done by someone who had never had any training. Was a bit scary actually. I also had a facial which was nothing more than washing my face with soap and then not even rinsing it completely. Terrible facial. Save your money and don't go to Healing Hands.
July 8, 2012
I believe this place is a complete fraud. A man dressed as a construction worker works the desk. The girls in the room barely look out of high school. The facial consisted of washing my face with soap and water while checking her cell phone. The massage felt like it was the first one she has ever done, she never went to school and she was merely placing lotion on my body. I would ask for their license prior to having any work done here. Spend your money elsewhere!!!!
April 4, 2012
I couldn't wait for it to be over!
I've never had a massage or facial that I couldn't wait to end, until this visit. The massage left much to be desired and it did not focus on my thighs or arms that much. The facial was horrible; there's simply no other way to say it. She simply threw water on my face, which then rolled down to the back of my neck. There was no real exfoliation, no popping of pimples, no skin analysis. To top it all off, she left the room several times to retrieve supplies she needed, leaving me laying there cold and irritated. When I say several times, I literally mean like 6-7 times for several minutes each time! I appreciate the effort but I will not be going back!
February 23, 2012
Great place!
My fiancé and I came here on two vouchers. They were friendly, nice and not crowding. The massages were very relaxing and we enjoyed ourselves. This is a great place to come to be relaxed and the prices are fantastic!
February 1, 2012
Used an on-line coupon and now they have me as a permanent customer! Barbara and her staff provide excellent massages. She really worked on my problem area and had the perfect touch.
January 31, 2012
Great Massage
If you are looking for someone who knows how to really work out the tension then this is the place. I'm looking forward to going back and working out a few more tight areas. The facial was lacking in technique and I would skip it next time, but I have to say my skin did glow afterwards so it was worth the effort.
November 16, 2011
When you walk in the door, it is not the most beautiful of spas, but once you get into the massage room...it's perfect! Barbara has wonderful hands and such a pleasant and calming demeanor. I went in with a coupon the first time...but have kept going back. I highly recommend!!
August 8, 2011
horrible facial
Facial is anything but professional . They not even using salon quality products .I would expect a bit more than drugstore products in a spa! Also the hot towel was so hot it burned my eyelids. Skip the facial !
May 18, 2011
Perfect Gift for yourself and others!
I purchased a 60 minute facial for my mom's mother day present. I also purchased one for myself! Barbara was extremely professional and sweet to both my mom and me. My mom absolutely loved her and is ready to sign up for another facial! We live in Athens, but it is well worth the drive to Dunwoody. I would highly recommend this spa with the excellent customer service and left with a great finished project. The facial felt amazing, and we can't wait to see Barbara again!
February 16, 2011
Great Massage - Strongly Recommend
Barbara was very professional, and best of all, she gave me one of the best deep tissue massages I've ever had. The tretment room was very relaxing and had a great ambiance, but the fact that it is just one room in a professional office building was kind of strange, thus the average rating on atmosphere. My understanding is that the spa is moving in a few months to a new free-standing location which will have several treatment rooms.
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