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Customer Reviews for RIO Wax salon (8)

November 23, 2012
Laser Hair Removal!
My review of Rio Wax Salon for laser hair removal in Phoenix is long overdue!! I could not be more satisfied with my experience at Rio. The space is well-located, pristine and inviting. The laser techs are so sweet, knowledgeable and accommodating. Your comfort during and after treatments is their top priority. I have never left with anything less than a smile on my face and I can honestly say that I look forward to my treatments as they are always filled with great chats and personalized, top-notch treatment. Before come to them I did some major research before going here- laser can be expensive! I initially started going because of a deal I bought on their website, and I will continue going for another several months until my laser-areas are completed and then I only need to go once or twice a year for a touch up! I have had fantastic results with just with few treatments, and I am really pleased with the quality of their work, customer service, and facilities. It is meticulously clean like a doctor's office, but calming like a spa. I also like that you can correspond with them via email. I can make or cancel appointments from my phone or computer during business hours without everyone in my office hearing me talk about it! I will continue to recommend Rio Wax Salon to family, friends and anyone else who will listen!
March 30, 2012
Brazilian Wax Great!
Since moving to Arizona, I searched far and wide for Scottsdale Brazilian waxing "my spa" . After trying 6 other places, I have settled on Rio Wax Salon in Phoenix. It is a nice drive from where I live and I look forward to seeing my aesthetician every month. I come here for a brazilian, eyebrow wax and body wax. My favorite aestheician here is Danny, she does the quickest wax I have ever experienced. In half an hour, I am out of there. And somehow, she still manages to be detail oriented and perfect. I'm not entirely sure what kind of wax they use. I've asked and they have their own brand. What ever it is, it is the least painful wax I have ever encountered. Even if it wasn't for their service, I would keep coming back for the wax. I don't know if I can ever go back to the pain of regular wax. They're also great with handling cancellations! No guilt and no hassle. I once cancelled an appointment one hour before it was meant to take place, and there was no cancellation fee. The lady was kind on the phone and she rebooked me for the next day without guilting me even the slightest. The place is a greenish sanctuary. I feel totally relaxed among those beautiful trees that surround the entire property!
August 30, 2011
Here I go to Rio's!!
My girl asked me to go Clean down under and not been aware of the situation as a problem, at first I tried to ignore it. She did not let it go .... "I do not like it.." Okay! What's my best option? She said go to my Esthetician at Rio Wax Salon and get it done... no more delay! She's the Boss; for my help she said, at Rio's they have a cream to numb it. So waxing here I go to RIo's in Phoenix Az. Well! After all it was not bad at all!
August 25, 2011
My Deal About It!
When my girlfriend made a demand "Get clean or else"... I knew my days of doing nothing about my bushy was over. She has asked me several times before about the fact that she does not like the way I keep things down there. First of all I thought it was funny, 'cause she knows me for over 10 years and for the last two years it seems like a new fashion for her. To make the story was not a playing game! She called and made an appointment at Rio Wax Salon in Phoenix, I got there a little bit off center, I was the only guy at the Salon but the front desk girl act so natural that I felt okay. I got done the male bikini waxing, Chest, Arms , underarms and the Back. Been the first time in my life doing waxing; their numbing cream helped a LOT! By the way the lady that did the work was a complete champ!
August 10, 2011
My Waxing Experience!
I went to Rio Wax Salon by 32nd Street and Indian School Rd based on the Google's reviews. It was my first time and I got to say I was impressed! It is truly the fastest Brazilian and leg wax in my life. I've been to a place downtown Scottsdale for my Bikini wax, I was not so happy with the left over hair and I had to stay for over 45 min. to get it done. I have to say I love how fast and effective Rio's waxer was. I booked my appointment at 10 Am and by 10: 45 I was ready to go back to work. I was expecting lots of residual hair but when I got off the table, it was actually one of the best waxing sessions I had so far. The price was also lower than the competition that I check before calling Rio's
August 9, 2011
My Waxing Way!
I read here. It was my first time and I got to say im impressed! It is truly the fastest Brazilian and (half) leg wax I had in my life. I've been to a lot of waxers both in Arizona and California, but I have to say I love how fast and effective their wax technicians are. I booked my appointment at 9:30 but I got there at 8:45. I tried squeezing the appointment on just after my breakfast. so when i got there, they led me to the room and in less than 20 minutes it was done. I cant believe it. I was expecting lots of residual hairs but when I got off the table, it's actually one of the best waxing sessions I had so far. I'm so impressed with this place and I don't usually review places. Dannielli at Rio Wax Salon in Phoenix got me to go to my computer as soon as I got back to the office. It costs $49 and got to say it's worth every penny. I mean, who wouldn't pay that amount for an almost painless Brazilian
March 27, 2011
Bare Me!
I found my waxing experience to be great, although I live in Mesa Arizona I went to Rio Wax Salon bacause I heard about their special wax products and to have the most experienced waxer in the Valley. The prices are not high, I truly think it is well worth the trip. I had Hillary, who was extremely professional and made me feel completely at ease. She is really good with bikini wax and I really liked the ambience and how professional everybody was. I have very sensitive skin in certain areas, but the wax they use is great for me and I did not break out. I just moved to this area from Colorado and had a great waxer there, but I think my experience waxing at Rio's was even better. I totally recommend this place!
January 22, 2011
Waxing good!
When I first heard about Rio Wax Salon in Phoenix from my best friend I felt well informed about their services. She has been there several times and had great services and it was no brainer to call and have my first time experiencing their "Queen of Wax" work. I saw the queen of wax herself, Dannielle who has been my best friend waxer. She's so lovely and exceptionally good in waxing and in abut 15 minutes I was completelly bare!
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