Heather's Hairport Salon & Spa

Heather's Hairport Salon & Spa

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585 Route 28,
Harwichport, MA 02646
United States
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Customer Reviews for Heather's Hairport Salon & Spa (3)

December 8, 2012
It's hit or miss.
I've given this salon several chances due to it's location and variety of services. The first time I got my hair cut and styled, I was pleased. The next two attempts at my nails, not so much. I spent over $100 to have a full set of tips applied they started to come off immediately. By day three, they were gone. The third time, I chose to have a pedicure in anticipation for a cruise. The french-style on my toes was "okay" (the lines were shakey), but, the room is cramped the woman working on my feet completely ignored me and talked to her coworker the whole time. I plan on returning in two weeks to have my hair done again, but, I will not be allowing them to work on any nails ever again.
January 12, 2011
A great place!
I've been going to Heather's for a over two years and could not be happier. Ask for Jessica or Wendy - you will not be disappointed.
August 24, 2008
Heathers Hairport will Disappoint
Major WASTE of time and $$$. Do NOT go to Heather’s Hairport. Don’t be fooled by the pretty building, Heathers Hairport will Disappoint. I had my hair, nails and make-up done there for our rehearsal dinner and wedding on Cape Cod. The women there are catty, and do NOT do a good job on hair or nails. I was told my wedding party would have the special room upstairs with private areas separate from the regular appointments downstairs. They double booked another wedding party to come in during my time (a HUGE group of loud, drunk, obnoxious early 20-somethings eating donuts). I had to WAIT my turn to have my nails done! My make-up artist there was good, they used all Aveda products. But, I could have done a better job doing the manicure and pedicure myself! First, they didn’t event “buff” my feet or massage lotion on my legs/feet or anything. The polish was a thin, single coat on the French mani/pedi, and my nails chipped in 2 days. I had to buy polish remover and redo my nails on our honeymoon. We spent over $500 plus tips, for just 3 of us to have the bridal treatment. My hair and make-up were mediocre for the rehearsal, but turned out great on the wedding day. My mother’s hair and make-up came out great for both the rehearsal and wedding day. My MIL did not go back after the “practice” session, and my aunt helped out with her hair and make-up on wedding day. It really is a hit-or-miss place, mostly miss (IMO). The women working at Heather’s Hairport seemed catty and vindictive with other young and attractive women, especially if you are from out of town. If you’re a regular “towny” you may get better treatment. There are other places to go in Cape Cod for great hairstyling and mani/pedi treatments.
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