• Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa
  • Copperhood Retreat & Spa

About Copperhood Retreat & Spa

Nestled in the Catskill Mountains, an easy two hour drive from New York City, Copperhood Inn & Spa is a woodsy getaway where guests enjoy the 'no pressure, no guilt' philosophy of Polish proprietor Elizabeth Winograd.

A product of the European spa tradition, the boutique spa reflects Winograd's upbringing with its range of European body treatments including a Vichy shower and Scotch Hose. Extensive programs tailored toward total wellness, natural weight loss, relaxation, stress management, physical fitness, and internal cleansing/detoxing are also available. Located on 40 acres of woodland and mountainside overlooking a river, the property overlooks Garfield Mountain and the Esopus Creek. Copperhood provides top-of-the-line equipment for guests who want to take to the countryside to bike, hike, cross-country ski, and even snowshoe. In addition, the inn offers daily organized fitness activities that take advantage of the natural splendor of the Catskills, which may include hikes of various difficulty levels, water aerobics, and Zen meditation.

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Route 28, Shandaken, NY 12480 United States
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Menu of Services

The floors of Travertine marble set the mood when guests enter the 14,000-square-foot spa facility. Designed to recall the luxury of the Roman baths, the spa has a 60-foot indoor pool, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi, plus fitness center with a range of new equipment. The six treatment rooms include one hydrotherapy suite, comprising a Vichy shower, Scotch hose, and spacious tub. Treatments reflect the best of the European tradition - facials, herbal wraps, and Swedish massage - and reach beyond to energy treatments like acupuncture, reiki, and polarity treatments. Several treatments are inspired by Ayurvedic medicines, including panchakarma, and are customized to meet guests' specific needs.

In addition to its spa treatments, Copperhood also offers an extensive lineup of customized packages focused on accelerated weight loss, detoxifying diets, juice fasting, and raw food therapy. The short-stay, week-long, and multi-day programs are aimed at helping guests develop healthy habits and maintain a sustainable exercise, diet, and relaxation plan.

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Customer Reviews for Copperhood Retreat & Spa (23)

September 16, 2013
I recently went to Copperhood & thought I was on another world. It is located in the catskill Mtns & what a beautiful place this is, inside & out. I had a back massage & foot massaage & I was so relaxed I didn't want to leave. I definitley will go back in the next few weeks.
September 22, 2011
Copperhood is the best!
My daughter and I recently shared a week at Copperhood. We hiked every day through the beautiful Catskills, drank healthy drinks, ate delicious homegrown meals, and met great people. We would both recommend the Copperhood experience to anyone who wants a healthy, friendly, and incredibly relaxing vacation. Detoxing from "normal" life is just fabulous here. Copperhood is great!
September 9, 2010
Still A Great Experience-Tina B.
This is my 3rd visit to the Copperhood, and it is still a great place! Elizabeth and her staff's attention to each client's wants and needs are unmatched. I had a great room w/ beautiful view of the mountains & river, & lovely marble tile in the bathroom. We were served our delicious meals by Esther who is the most adorable, sweetest person I have met in a long time! I am glad that Elizabeth made her an addition. You can lie around, either by the pool, the river, in the jacuzzi, etc., everywhere you go, it is peaceful & relaxing. Or if you want activity, you can go on a Powerwalk w/ Esther, Hiking w/Elizabeth, take a class, work out in the gym or walk around the property. Whatever it is u want to do, they r attentive to, and they don't hover, or try to talk u into anything, like u may find @ other spas. Ruth did my Deep Tissue Massage & I swear she must be an angel or something, because the experience was spiritual & magical & I haven't had any of my usual aches & pains in 5 days now! Jax did my European Body Treatment & that was enjoyable as well. I like that it is not crowded or noisy, again like other places. I will definitely go back again & again!!! Thanks Elizabeth, Esther, Ruth & Jax!!
August 14, 2010
Just what was needed!
Finished a marathon week of intense athletic activity and needed a place to unwind and soothe my sore muscles. Copperhood's staff was genuinely friendly, very helpful, professional, and the massage was great!
August 7, 2010
Close to paradise
I recently spent five days at Copperhood and came away more relaxed than I've been in years (maybe decades). The staff is lovely, the setting is beautiful, and the services offered can't be beat. Both the fitness activities and the spa offerings are terrific. And the fact that Copperhood only accepts a small number of guests at a time ensures that the guests are pampered with individualized attention. I can't recommend Copperhood highly enough.
Lee AnnaH
July 28, 2010
Wanting for Nothing, just simply the best
If you are looking for an all inclusive luxury resort and spa retreat then this is an absolute must. You will have the best service, the best food and if you follow the suggested workouts you will lose weight, and not just a pound. You will leave feeling grounded, refreshed and positive. Once home I was able to easily incorporate new and better eating habits and because of the workouts at the spa, I was also energized enough to want to continue exercising!!! This was an excellent experience and I can't wait to go back. Lee Anna, Hudson, QC.
March 15, 2010
The perfect getaway weekend
My 5 girlfriends and I just enjoyed our 4th winter weekend at the Copperhood Inn and Spa and we are definitely coming back next year. The coziness of the living room and dining room, the comfort of the guest rooms, and the up-to-date decor and varied offerings of the spa, fitness and pool areas provide the perfect setting for a few days of relaxation, togetherness and fitness. We all love the incredibly delicious and healthful meals, planned with our individual preferences in mind. In the past we have enjoyed outdoor winter sports but this weekend it rained a lot so we stayed indoors and were never bored. We always appreciate the massages we get at Copperhood, but best of all is the warm personal attention from Elizabeth and all the staff. We are welcomed as old friends and valued guests and know that all our needs and preferences will be attended to. The level of interaction between guests and staff is just right -- not intrusive. You won't be disappointed!
October 2, 2009
I dont understand all the good reviews for this spa. It was terrible. I have gone to almost all of the destination spas from SpaFinder and loved them - each for a different reason. Copperhood Spa was a horrible experience. It is NOTHING like described. It makes me think that the good reviews are from relatives!
September 28, 2009
Twice as nice the second time!
This was my second visit and the place felt like coming home, like the way I would like home to be, relaxing, healthy, comfortable and filled with peace and joy. The food is delicious, the service is charming and the rooms are cozy. You could be romantic, hang with friends or find your own space. Yoga classes are great and the studio is filled with light.Rad still gives the best massages and the location is an oasis.
September 24, 2009
I'm Going Back!!
I had never been to a spa before coming to the Copperhood. This experience was a gift from a friend (who likely thought I needed some "improving"). I got a generous share of that! This place is quite large and elegant, yet feels welcoming and warm. Elizabeth and her staff certainly made me feel that. A three day "Juicing and Detox" was on the menu for me. Along with that, classes in meditation, yoga, pilates, water aerobics followed by more juicing, hikes and a soothing massage (ask for "Rad"). "Wheat Grass" juice was part of the reccommended regimen and, though it can be unpleasant, by day 3, I was OK with it and after reading up on it in a book Elizabeth loaned me, I understood why it is so important. Don't turn down the wheat grass!! The last day there I was served a raw, vegetarian meal. What Elizabeth's husband, Lechezk creates in the kitchen there will blow your mind away... The food looks splendid and tastes really good! I went home feeling refreshed, more energetic and 12 pounds lighter! I have been online looking up raw diet recipies to include in my weekly meal planning, though I have not started growing my own wheat grass (yet...) I highly reccommend this place for those of you looking for the best experience in a fully equipped and friendly Catskills retreat. This place isn't crowded with tourists.... Sitting out on the deck overlloking the river and socializing with other guests and staff (yeah.... they spend time with you) was really enjoyable. Thank You, Elizabeth.
September 22, 2009
They showed me a pathway to health at the Copperhood
I've been battling blood pressure and diabetes in connection with sloth and weight now for a couple of years. Shedding pounds is always a challenge. A friend suggested I try the Copperhood and learn some new techinques. So I visited twice, first time on a total juice/detox fast and second time on a total raw diet for a full week. I just have to tell you that I was amazed by the results. By the end of the second visit I'd shed 18 pounds and both my BP and sugar levels were normal. Now I know this ain't a panacea, but it sure has opened my eyes to the possible. And I'm convinced that a major part of the success was the beauty, tranquility and peacefulness of the place, and the many activities and treatments offered and taken advantage of. The setting is spectacular, the facilities are luxurious and the staff is friendly and go out of their way to assist. Combine the lessons in diet, the lessons in living and the total relaxation and enjoyment the place imbues and you have a no failure formula for success. Will I be going back? DEFINATELY! Do I recommend it? To answer that question all I have to indicate is the numbers of friends and others that I've already raved about the place to.
January 3, 2008
Great Alternative
I took the trip up to Windam when I was pregnant and decided to take the drive here while others skied. I was 100% blown away by the pregnancy massage, and I have had many. The facilities are beautiful and will make it a point to stay here next trip up.
February 20, 2007
Luxury, rejuvenation and warm hospitality
My husband and I recently stayed at Copperhood for a two and a half day mini-vacation and found it the most enjoyable and rejuvenating vacation we have ever had. The facilities are wonderful: the setting is idealic, the gym is state of the art, the spa is luxurious and the inn is charming. What could be better than starting off and ending the day in a sunfilled meditation/yoga/workout glass enclosed room overlooking a fast running creek, with snow covered trees, fields and mountains as the backdrop. During the day, the choices were many; snowshoeing, cross country skiing, swimming, working out , having a massage, a personal trainer, a facial, and eating three healthy, but delicious meals. The spa is overseen by its owner, who's graciousness and warmth made our stay truly perfect. She took a personal interest in each and every guests' needs and interests. We left with a promise to the owner and to ourselves that we would certainly be returning for many more visits.
February 16, 2007
Wonderful escape for the body and mind
When you enter this charming inn, you are instantly trasported into a calm like no other. From the fantastic spa cuisine, the luxurious spa treatments and the plentiful ameneties(pool, sauna, jacuzzi, etc. etc.) this is the perfect location to visit alone to "get away from it all" or as a couple to celebrate some "us" time. The staff is amazing and no detail is missed. Every member is repectful of your time and space without making you feel like you are alone. Proprietess Elizabeth makes sure every aspect of your stay has a personal touch - plus she is a fantastic tour guide. I highly recommend that any spa lover check out this gem of the Catskills!
February 15, 2007
Bravo Copperhood!
For my birthday in January, my partner asked me, "Where in the world would you like to spend your birthday?" and without hesitation I answered, "The Copperhood Inn and Spa in Shandanken, New York." I had been there a few times over the last few years and wanted him to experience the beauty and charm that is Copperhood that I always came home and raved about. We arrived late afternoon on a Friday and were warmly greeted by Elizabeth. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the renovations that she had done to the place. The reception area was now warmed by a fireplace, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree stood near a plush couch. Nearby a coffee table had a lovely bowl of fresh fruit and the server had a variety of teas, juices, water and coffee that were available whenever one needed a quick pick-me-up. Her assistant Radek, immediately took our bags and showed us to our suite which was private, immaculate, and had a glorious view of Mount Sheridan. It was just as I remembered. Also as part of Copperhood is a small island visible outside our window. Surrounding the small island is a lovely rolling stream and on the island is the small barn where Elizabeth's goat and sheep graze freely. (A site I so appreciate coming from Manhattan.) I rested awhile and then decided to take the late afternoon yoga class. Not being in tip-top shape, the class was geared to low impact and I found it just right for me being in the shape that I am in. No pressure, just relaxing with lots of breathing in of clean air and a view of the rolling stream as you worked out. (Again unlike Manhattan.) I always look forward to the meals at Copperhood as they are homemade, nutritious and very tasty. The vegetable soups are delicious and served with my favorite, the homemade bread. What I enjoy most about the food at this spa is that you are served real food and real coffee made from a French press at your table. At Copperhood you're not served meager little portions of non-tasty foods that other spas are famous for. The entrees, whether chicken or fish, are always cooked to perfection and not overly saucy. And, after dinner, always fresh fruit and berries or if you're not on a diet, a wonderful homemade dessert. When I woke up the next morning, I was happy to go out on my terrace and breath the clean beautiful air. As it was winter, the grounds were not brimming with lush green foliage as they were on a prior visit in the spring, but it was still glorious to see the tree-lined mountains and the rushing water of the rolling stream. I remember when I was here last the snow was steep and I had a wonderful time snowshoeing around the island with a group of other guests. One of the highpoints of our stay was the hike up Mount Garfield. This is a somewhat challenging hike but I managed to stay with the group and make it to the top of the mountain. Once I reached the top, Elizabeth handed me a small stone and said, "Make a wish and place this stone on top of this mound of stones where other guests have placed their stones and made their wishes." My wish was that I made it down the mountain without a hitch, a stumble or fall, or better yet, that my shoes stayed intact. Last time I attempted Mount Garfield, my hiking boots fell apart but was able to get down the mountain on sheer determination and a faulty boot. All in all, the hike was one that I will always remember and even can laugh about to this day. Once I got down the mountain, I said to myself, "Good food, beautiful surroundings, what more could I ask for?" Massages and pampering, of course. My partner and I had massages scheduled. On Saturday, I got the European Body Treatment (which I think is the best deal for the money) and on Sunday, I also experienced a hot stone massage where I almost melted (in a good way, of course). I had two expert and very professional masseuses. By the time I got off the table, I felt like a noodle and was totally relaxed. In my book, the mark of a successful massage. On the day we were to leave, we were asked if we were interested in a water aerobics class. I, of course, said yes. The pool was warm and clean and the class was fun and invigorating. (I think I even broke a real sweat.) I left the pool and immediately got into the hot tub where I unwound and finished my stay until it was time to leave. If you're looking for a scene...not for you... If you're looking for action...definitely not for you. If you're looking for a tension-free, relaxing, no-stress atmosphere, where you are well taken care of and pampered...this is definitely for you! Whether you come with a spouse, significant other or with a friend, this is a sure bet, a real find, and a winner! I have to say that I especially enjoy the privacy of the place when it is not too busy. I feel especially lucky if we're among the only ones there. It's like having a private spa all to ourselves and how often can one say that? We left New York wound "tighter than a drum" and thanks to our trip to Copperhood Inn and Spa, we turned ourselves back into stress- and tension-free humans. And a special shout out to praise the housekeeping staff. I found them to be most helpful and they made sure all our needs were met and our rooms were kept spotless. Thank you to Elizabeth and the entire staff of the Copperhood Inn and Spa in helping make our trip a truly memorable one. We will be returning soon.
February 11, 2007
just what we needed
just got back from a wonderful three days,I recieved exactly what the inn and spa says it gives,i started my mornings with meditation and ended with yoga ,all overlooking beautiful river and mountains.Besides meditaion and yoga theres belly dancing hiking,fencingwater activities in the wonderfull heated pool,and modern dance classes.If these activites are not for you ,then just enjoy the fabulous spa services.If all this isnt enough,the inn has a wonderful european touch , which carrys over into the wonderful meals.We didnt want to leave.It is an experience not to be issed,a piece of heaven.
February 5, 2007
Perfect escape!
I thought I needed just rest. I got that PLUS hiking, dancing, and enjoying myself immensely. I learned new challenges positively for my body and spirit with new and interesting classes and interested teachers. I found this to be a most unusual and special place. I was catered to personally, with care and concern as well as respect. As I was on a special food plan, the kitchen was very careful to prepare my no/low carb meals. I will go back as soon as my schedule allows. As a veteran spa go-er, this was a very special experience.
January 30, 2007
Frozen and cheated in Catskills
My friends and I were looking for a relaxind girls day out at the Cooperhood Inn & Spa. On our arrival the spa was freezing cold to the point that the idea of undressing was not appealing. All the facilities were shut down because the inn was closed for the holdays on the days prior to our visit. We were promised rapid heating of the facilities which was taking much longer. The staff was opening up the facilities as we sat waiting. The facial service was acceptable but not spectacular. The massage was fantastic - excellent therapist with a great touch. However, when we were dressing to leave one person from our party discovered that the locker where she left her personal belonging was locked however none of our party has actually locked it or had a key. When we asked the proprietor she had a very angry attitude and was not helpful. Eventually after much debate she brought a bunch of keys to try to open the locker. We had to come up with the idea that the numbers on the lock should match the numbers on the key and find that key and open the lock. Throught this the proprietor was extremely unpleasant. Once we came to check out we discovered that the fee for the day use of the fitness/spa facilities was added to our bills. However, all of us are very experienced spa goers and usually when you have spa services you get to use the facilities for free. The proprietor kept insisting that this rule is written in her information and is on her web site which none of us noticed. However, considering that we were the only guests using the empty spa and inn that day thus brining the proprietor the only business that day it was hard to justify the attitude considering the cold in the facility and rude service. Needless to say we would never visit this spa again.
December 2, 2006
Can't get that soup out of my mind...
My husband and I are huge foodies who work long hours and ONLY get to eat out. The only time we eat home cooked food is on holidays when his mother cooks. The strongest impression we had of the Copperhood is that the food was AMAZING- as elegant and refined as some of our favorite restaurants in the NYC, but with that *thing* that only home cooked food has. Hard to say what it is- fresh ingredients cooked with love? Whatever it is were both delighted with our vegetarian and fish dishes. The soups were especially memorable... I can't stop thinking about the carrot ginger. Other memorable things were the yoga class, which takes place in a studio that enjoys a view of a flowing river (far cry from my gym in the city), the hikes, waking up with a view of the mountains and the European hospitality. My husband loved the large indoor pool. For a small, intimate place (there were only two other couples there when we were there) the Copperhood does a good job of ensuring a complete, lovely spa experience.
November 14, 2006
Many Thanks!!
Many thanks to your team for a terrific life enhancing experience. Your spa is wonderful and the passion your team shares for what you do shines through. The meals rival that of 4 star restaurants in NYC and the spa services rank just as high. I will definitely be back and it can't be soon enough for me!
November 14, 2006
Thank you!!
Wonderful hospitality at the Copperhood! Everything about my stay was personalized and friendly. The food, hiking, treatments, and setting were all superb. Best of all were the delightful hosts.
November 14, 2006
Gracious hospitality
Thank you so much for your graciousness in hosting our families at the Cooperhood. The dinner was fabulous and the scenary was breathtaking. You helped make our wedding weekend very special.
June 28, 2006
Severely overrated
I had great expectations for this spa and was extremely disappointed. I booked a package to celebrate my anniversary. When we arrived, the innkeeper did not have the room available because they just had entertained a corporate party and were too tired to clean the room. We were put in a room with two double beds (not the romantic environment I had envisioned) The spa was pretty but not particularly clean (many dead flies) and the pool was not open unless you asked them to remove the roll-away cover. As far as the food, it was good, but portions are sparse and there are no choices except at breakfast. The prices are way too high for the quality received.
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Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities

When you're not in the spa, you can enjoy the indoor fitness facilities or the broad array of outdoor seasonal activities. The fitness center has a 15-station weight circuit, free weights, and cardiovascular equipment. A variety of classes are held in the yoga studio, and an indoor pool is available to refresh after a fit workout. On the property, there's a secluded tennis court, trails for cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, and hiking. The roads around Shandanken are perfect for scenic and challenging bike rides. Tranquil outdoor activities such as sunbathing, wading in the creek, fishing, or bird watching allow guests to directly connect with nature. In addition to the conventional massages, facials, fitness classes and body treatments, there are also Psychic readings and astrology consultations.


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Changing/Locker Rooms

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Robes Provided

Rooms & Dining

Rooms & Dining

Guests enjoy the small, cozy 15-room inn decorated in the style of the intimate country inns of Europe and accented with Louis XV furniture. There are several lodging options from the three-room grand suite to the roadside economy rooms. The Streamside Duplex rooms offer balconies to take advantage of breathtaking views of the Garfield Mountain and the Esopus Creek.

Meals are taken in the ground floor dining room and include healthful entrees prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Meals are inspired by Asian and European cuisines, and are served fireside during the winter season and creekside during the summer months. A nutritious yet flavorful spa menu is also available.

Food Options

Serves Alcohol